It was reported this past week at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery annual meeting that two phase 3 Kybella trials had reduction in submental fat and men were satisfied with the results.

“The post-hoc analysis of the Refine-1 and Refine-2 trials showed that men got very good results, just like women did” said researcher Dr. Vince Bertucci. “It was a safe and effective treatment, the most common adverse events consisted of bruising, swelling and pain … and patients were satisfied with their appearance.”

The two phase 3 trials consisted of 1,022 patients with moderate to severe submental fat who were dissatisfied with this area. They received either six treatments of Kybella or a placebo injected subcutaneously one month apart. Responses were taken throughout the trial and also measured 12 weeks post final treatment.

A post-hoc analysis with 156 men, which was 15.3% of the total population, approximately half receiving Kybella and the other half placebo.

The men who received Kybella had a response rate of 64.4% with an 8.6% response rate in the placebo group. Using the Subject Self Rating Scale, 79.2% of men reported being satisfied with their appearance following the trial compared to 22.9% in the placebo group.

It was noted that the percentage of men participating in this trial is higher than the typical percentage in aesthetic clinical practices. The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported the percentage of men receiving cosmetic procedures in 2014 was 10.4% with 15.3% of the Kybella trial consisting of men.

“I wonder if this might mean that this is an area that men are more interested in treating than other areas. So … perhaps we’ll see a higher uptake of men seeking out submental fat reduction. In my opinion, men are very interested in addressing two concerns: hair loss and submental fat or double chin.”

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