Is Kybella Worth It? A Kybella Review

Kybella Is it worth it


These are my before and after photos with Kybella, the new injectable used to eliminate fat under the chin area. I can’t say I’ve every been super concerned with submental fullness but have always felt I lacked definition in my chin and jawline. Genetically speaking, it’s likely going to get worse as I get older based on what I’ve seen. So when we brought Kybella into the office, I was the first to sign up although I did go in with the question, “Is Kybella worth it?”. I was very interested to see if it could help someone like me with mild fullness who would like just a bit more definition. Here’s my personal review of Kybella.

The Kybella Treatment Process

I had a bit over 1 vial of Kybella injected throughout the submental area under my chin by Alfie Symes, expert Nurse Injector at Utah Facial Plastics. She did a great job and I experienced no bruising, though it can happen. I did notice a mild burning sensation immediately after but it wasn’t anything I felt I even needed to take some Tylenol for. Then again, I’m used to needles and all sorts of torture in the name of beauty having worked in this industry for about 8 years!

Then, about 20-30 minutes later, the swelling kicked in, which was almost more interesting then anything else! By the next day, I did look like a bullfrog, to be quite honest, and it took a little over a week for the swelling to go down. While the swelling looked bad to me, others said they didn’t notice until I mentioned anything, although I did get a few weird looks from my husband:)

The area was quite numb and that honestly lasted about 4-5 weeks, at which time I decided to do one more vial because I was loving the results so much! The swelling from vial 2 went down much quicker and was gone by day 7 post-procedure. It seemed much easier but that may have been just because I had been through it before.

So, Was Kybella Worth It? My Evaluation & Review

Is Kybella worth it? For me, it’s an absolute yes, especially considering the fact that I only required 2 vials, where many others need 2 vials at each session and 2-4 sessions is typical for full results.

As dumb as this sounds, I noticed first in selfies and photos on social media when taken from different angles other than straight on. It was clear there was more definition under my chin and jawline. I’m perfectly happy with the two vials and don’t plan to do anymore. It’s great to think the results or final and I don’t need routine injections, like I do with Botox and Juvederm.

Sure, the swelling wasn’t awesome but I really didn’t mind. I even had a wedding the day after my second treatment and just wore my hair down and felt okay being social with others. It helps that I’m short so no one is really looking up at the area under my chin anyway!

For me, I’m busy and getting quick injections just made more sense than setting up a surgical procedure (submental liposuction) that included a few post-operative visits and a head wrap that would need to be worn for five days straight. Surgery does make sense for a lot of patients though as it can often be less expensive and can be done in-office, which saves on recovery time and operating room expenses.


For more information on Kybella at UtahFacialPlastics, just give us a call at (801)776-2220.

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