What to expect with an in-office otoplasty procedure at Utah Facial Plastics.

Dr. Thompson performs many otoplasty procedures in-office and in the OR with a total of six performed in the last 3 days alone. Patients are typically happy to know the procedure can be performed in the office to help them save by avoiding operating room fees and any complications with anesthesia. While they see the positive benefits, it may also cause them to feel somewhat nervous and apprehensive to be awake during the procedure. Here is some information on what to expect with an in-office otoplasty procedure at Utah Facial Plastics.

The Pre-Operative Appointment

Dr. Thompson sees all surgical patients around 2-3 weeks prior to surgery to perform a medical exam, prescribe proper prescriptions, and go over pre and post-operative instructions so the patient is all ready to go before the actual day.

Prescriptions given typically include an antibiotic, medrol dose pack, and pain medication prescription that are all started the day of surgery. The prescriptions are given at the pre-operative appointment so they can be picked up ahead of time so the patient doesn’t have to worry about making a stop immediately after surgery.

Day of Otoplasty Procedure

For an in-office otoplasty procedure, we have each patient take their first dose of the antibiotic prescription one hour prior to surgery. Valium is given in-office when the patient arrives to help them relax unless they prefer not to take it. Dr. Thompson then starts with one ear, cleaning and numbing the area, and begins the surgical process. He uses sutures to create a more defined anti-helical fold, if necessary, and then typically brings the ear closer to the head surgically in the back of the ear as well.

Once done with one side, he moved to the other and the procedure is complete. He then wraps the ears with gauze and a head wrap to apply enough pressure to slow bleeding. The entire process take approximately 2 hours in-office.

Post Operative Instructions

The instructions for post-operative care are relatively simple. The main thing of importance is cleaning the incision morning and night with hydrogen peroxide and then applying Neosporin, Bacitracin, or Polysporin. A head wrap needs to be worn for five days straight and then at night for another seven days. It’s also important to take it easy for about a week until the sutures are out. Exercise can be resumed by week 3 post surgery.

An in-office otoplasty procedure works great and is typically not too difficult for the patient. They can bring some earbuds to listen to music, though only in one ear at a time as the ear Dr. Thompson is working on needs to be free. For younger children (under 10), Dr. Thompson typically recommends having the procedure done under general anesthesia in the operating room and many patients still choose to have it done in the OR for comfort.

For more information about in-office otoplasty surgery, visit our otoplasty page or call (801)776-2220.

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