“Botox In My Jaw” – Bethenny Frankel Shares The Reason Her Face Shape Has Changed

Real Housewives of New York star and “SkinnyGirl” business mogul, Bethenny Frankel, is making headlines today for none other than her changing face shape. She opened up to The Daily Mail about receiving “Botox in my jaw” from her dermatologist. He suggested treatment about 3 years ago to ease tension. It was clear to him she had so much tension in her jaw that it was building up her jaw muscles.

“I showed him the pictures,” Frankel explains of a before photo she showed her dermatologist. “You can see that my jaw has completely changed because it’s like a muscle, it’s like lifting weights.”

Frankel is referring to the way her lower face is much more slim than than it used to be now that she isn’t putting her jaw muscles under the tension she was previously. This is due to the weakening of the muscle with Botox injections. With repeated treatment every 3-6 months, Botox injections to her jaw will continue to make it impossible to tense those muscles and keep them from bulking up. It will also relieve any pain or discomfort she may have been feeling from being so tense.

Frankel is adamant that she only receives injectables and has never gone under the knife, despite any rumors.

“That’s it,” she says. “I have done Botox – I don’t do it religiously, like maybe once a year when I think of it I’ll be like, ‘Oh I look like a SharPei, let me do that,’ but I have not had invasive plastic surgery, I have not had a nose job, I have not had anything done. I have had Botox in my jaw, I am so excited because I looked at the pictures. I do look different.”

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