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brow liftMen and women alike are turning to cosmetic procedures to help them maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible – and, as we know, this is a culture that celebrates youth. Aging brings with it cumulative sun damage, loss of skin elasticity and repeated muscle contractions. This is the “perfect storm” to make your brow droop and move lower onto your face. A furrowed, drooping brow can make you look older, stressed and always tired.

A popular surgical procedure at Utah Facial Plastics is a Forehead Lift (also known as a Brow Lift). This procedure is designed to revitalize a sagging, drooping or lined forehead and refresh the area between the eye brows and upper eyelids for a less sad, stressed, tired and angry look.

Read on to learn six things a forehead lift can do:

  1. A forehead lift can improve the appearance of sagging folds above your eyelids and reduce the lateral “crow’s feet” beside your eyes.
  2. A forehead lift can smooth the horizontal lines on your forehead, making you look less stressed.
  3. A forehead lift can erase the vertical creases between your brows. These are the creases that can make you look tired, angry, stressed and worried.
  4. A forehead lift may be combined with eyelid surgery or a face lift, to give balance to your entire face.
  5. For some patients, improving the appearance and position of their brows and removing the saggy skin above their eyes makes it easier for them to see.
  6. A forehead lift can elevate your brows and return them to a more youthful position, taking years off of your appearance.

There are varied techniques that can be used in a forehead lift procedure. Dr. Thompson uses the least invasive and most advanced technique available, the endoscopic forehead lift. This approach utilizes a camera and small incisions hidden within the hair. The aesthetic arch of the brow is restored and the frown muscles above the eyes are smoothed, giving you a more youthful appearance.

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