Plastic Surgery for Women Over 65 More Popular Than Ever

plastic surgery for women over 65 recently published on article on the rise of “Grandma plastic surgery”. Plastic surgery for women over 65 years old has become more popular than ever with over 143,000 Americans above that age undergoing cosmetic procedures just last year. That number is expected to only rise in the coming years.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Among the most popular procedures, facelift and eyelid surgeries rank as the top two and have over doubled in popularity in the last two decades. A likely reason is that facelift techniques today are much more natural looking opposed to the wind-blown look of years past. Dr. Thompson performs 2-3 facelift procedures per week on average with approximately half of the patients above the age of 65.

Eyelid surgery is popular for cosmetic and functional purposes as lid laxity and can lead to obstructed vision. In such cases a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is typically covered by insurance. Eyelid surgery in general can have a profound impact on the appearance of a person who had previously looked more tired or angry than they actual were, due to hollowness under the eyes and extra upper and lower eyelid skin. Patients look and feel much more refreshed following eyelid surgery.

65 Is The New 45

Patients are living longer and healthier and typically just want to look on the outside like they feel on the inside. Many patients also mention the comments made about from grand kids about their aged, angry, or tired appearance when they actual feel just fine.

Other popular plastic surgery for women over 65 includes fat injections to restore lost volume, browlifts and fractional CO2 laser treatments to resurface the skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles.

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