Help Your Child’s Self-Esteem: Consider Otoplasty

otoplastyOtoplasty is a surgical procedure typically done on children in order to correct the size and shape of their ears. If your child’s ears protrude a bit farther out of their head than the average child or if they are complaining of being made fun of at school because of their ear side, then consider scheduling an appointment with Utah Facial Plastics to learn more about otoplasty. As a corrective surgical procedure that will help to enhance your child’s appearance and help them gain more confidence, otoplasty is worth looking into. Read on to learn more about this surgical procedure.

What is the surgery like?
As a parent, the thought of having your child go under anesthesia for any type of procedure is enough to cause you an anxiety attack. However, the experts at Utah Facial Plastics have years of experience performing otoplasties and so you can know that your child will be in the best hands. By either being administered anesthesia or a light sedation, the surgeon will make an incision on the back of each ear. Once the incision has been made, the doctor will then reshape the cartilage in the ears and reposition them so they sit closer to the head.

What is recovery like?
Once the surgery is over, your child’s ears and head will be wrapped in a bandage in order to hold them in place. Although your child will be sent home right away, they will be encouraged to wear a headband that will cover their ears and hold them in position for 5 days following the procedure, and then an additional 7 days just at night. Luckily, most patients following an otoplasty only complain of mild discomfort but are otherwise okay.

What are results like?
Results from an otoplasty will make your child’s before and after photos look like night and day. By giving your child the self-confidence they need to tackle the playground, an otoplasty is one surgery you and your child won’t regret going through with.

If you child has ears that tend to protrude a bit farther away from their head than normal, contact the experts at Utah Facial Plastics to set up a complimentary consultation— don’t let your child live another day lacking the self-esteem that they deserve.

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