Fat Could be the Best way to Rejuvenate your Face

Fat GraftingFat. This is a common topic of discussion in plastic surgery. Most often, though, patients bring up concerns with too much fat in places it just doesn’t belong. There is another important way in which fat affects the body; the loss of fat in the face causes an aged appearance. As techniques in aesthetic medicine have evolved, a wonderful restorative process has come to light. Have you ever joked about taking fat from one part of your body and using it in another? Well, that is now a common practice. It is referred to as fat grafting or fat transfer, and it is a technique that is restoring natural beauty to faces all around the globe.

Fat: is it the Newest and Best Injectable?

Physicians have been injecting biocompatible solutions into fine lines and wrinkles for many years now. Treatments like Botox and dermal fillers are pretty much renowned for their ability to recreate a naturally beautiful appearance. Though efficient and safe, these products have one thing in common: they are synthetic. Some patients prefer the idea of having a truly natural product used on their body. What could be more authentic than their own fat cells?

Fat grafting involves an initial liposuction procedure on an area of the body you would like to be more sculpted. The fat removed from that area is then processed down to give us the very best substance for filling in areas on the face. Ultimately, you get two benefits from the process!

So . . . Why?

We have joked about it for years, lamenting on how great it would be to reduce the size of one body part and increase another. But should this really be done? Many doctors – and their patients – say yes!

Fat taken from your body is yours, so your body will not react adversely to it. That is a significant benefit from the get-go. Furthermore, the substance that is used to restore volume in the cheeks or other part of the face is identical to what was present throughout your life. What happens is that the face loses fatty deposits as we get older. So do the hands. When you think about it, it makes the most sense to replace fat with fat, right? Finally, when volume is restored with your own fat cells, there is the potential for the results from treatment to last years, not months.

Learn more about the benefits of fat grafting for facial rejuvenation. Call our Salt Lake City office at (801) 776-2220.

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