Laser Skin Resurfacing In Utah with Nicea DeGering

Learn all about laser skin resurfacing in Utah with Nicea DeGering and the nurses at Utah Facial Plastics on this Good Things Utah segment.

Nicea DeGering: If you follow me on social media you know that picture because I posted it a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of January after I did a CO2 laser treatment for laser skin resurfacing at Utah Facial Plastics. Alfie and Beth are here, both nurses at Utah Facial Plastics and we’re talking about that procedure today. A lot of people asked me so many questions about this so I’m glad you two are here. The results are incredible. Here I am one day after the procedure and then there’s five days after the procedure. How much downtime is there typically with a CO2 laser treatment?

Alfie: There’s typically about a week of downtime with the fractional CO2 laser. It is more invasive than our other laser that comes with just a few days of redness.

Nicea: So Alfie, when people say they’ve done a laser treatment or a chemical peel and they’re usually good in a day or two…how is this different?

Alfie: This gets really deep…deeper than those more superficial treatments. This takes care of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, poors, lines underneath the eyes like we were talking about, as well as hyperpigmentation.

co2 before and after

Nicea: So who is this for, Beth?

Beth Sheiner: Well the CO2 is really for anyone that is struggling with topicals they’ve been trying or less aggressive treatments like chemical peels. This is just a more aggressive treatment approach.

Nicea DeGering: Everyone asked me about the pain level. When you see that picture of me it does look painful. But it actually wasn’t painful.

Alfie: Yeah, we numb you and with the CO2 we do give you pain medication just because of the heat after.

Nicea: I didn’t even need it. Honestly, it just felt like a sunburn. And then there’s the healing process where you do get a little itchy. But within five days I couldn’t believe the difference. Does it actually tighten the skin as well?

Alfie: It does. And we also have the Venus Viva, which is a bit less invasive so it requires more treatments but doesn’t require as much downtime.

Nicea: What do you recommend to most people? Does it depend on their skin?

Beth: It does depend on their skin and how aggressive they want to get. So the Venus Viva is perfect for all skin types, which means all ethnicity’s. So anyone can do the Venus Viva. That’s a huge advantage with that laser. It’s going to be great for minimizing pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and evening out skin tone and texture.

Nicea: What I love about both of these is that if you’re not ready to do anything surgical but you’re just frustrated with something on your skin, be it a sunspot or dark spots or just fine liens, this takes care of those for how long?

Alfie: It really just depends on how well someone takes care of their skin, whether or not they are using sunscreen, etc.

Nicea: This is something where if you don’t have the time to take 5 or 7 days off, there are other options you can do.

Alfie: Yes, and that’s the downtime of about 3-4 days with just a little bit of redness because it’s not as invasive.

Nicea: You and I have also done a chemical peel. Would you recommend those as well?

Alfie: Yes, they are superficial with now downtime…it’s like a lunchtime peel.

Nicea: Beth, is February or March a good time to schedule?

Beth: It’s the perfect time because we’re not in the sun as much.

Nicea: And after you do something like this, I will always wear a wide-brimmed hat because the results are life-changing. My skin is so much brighter. And when your 14 year old notices, you know it did the trick. And you’re offering a special for our viewers right now, correct?

Beth: We have specials for the month of February. It’s buy 2, get 1 free on Venus Viva treatments and $100 off a CO2 treatment.

For more information about laser skin resurfacing in Utah, contact Utah Facial Plastics at (801)776-2220 or visit their website at


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