Are these Signs of Aging on your Face?

faceliftThe signs of aging occur differently on every face. We enjoy working with individual patients to address their concerns in a way that achieves lasting results. In recent years, there has been a surge in the use of injectables and other non-surgical solutions to reduce the signs of aging. In many cases, this approach can provide the desired outcome. One should not forget that facial rejuvenated started with the surgical facelift, and that this procedure remains the gold standard of care. Here’s why . . .

The surgical facelift achieves several goals at once. These include:

A Structured Jaw Line

The jaw line isn’t an area that often gets discussed during conversations of facial aging. We talk about frown lines, smile lines, and even drooping eyelids, but we forget about that little issue of sagging jowls – until we can’t help but notice this every time we look in the mirror. The fat that accumulates across the bottom of the face can be corrected in a minimally invasive procedure, and the renewal of sharpness and structure across the lowest part of the face can last for years.

An Angular Chin

The jaw line is one of two crucial areas where we like to see noticeable angles. Where the jaw line angles one way, we then expect to see an opposing angle at the crease of the chin and neck. With age, the skin that loses elasticity and firmness simply hangs, causing the appearance of a double chin. We can correct this with our surgical facelift procedure, and the results are noticeable.

Better Mid-face Contouring

The contours across the cheeks are vital to a youthful aesthetic. Unfortunately, the mid-face is one of the primary areas affected by volume loss over time. As fatty tissue becomes depleted of collagen and other important chemicals, the muscular structure that supports high, round cheekbones becomes lax. The surgical facelift adjusts the draping of these tissues to recreate natural beauty through mid-face contouring. The fullness of the cheeks is often accentuated with fat injections or dermal fillers.

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