Who Is A Good Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery?

Who Is A Good Candidate for Hair Transplant Surgery? Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Hair MD discusses who is right for hair transplant surgery in Utah.

So a good candidate for hair transplant surgery are anyone that has receding or thin hair and is interested in trying to increase the density of their hair. It could be brows, facial hair, or density on the top of the hair. We do have to check medical history and have to check several things to make sure you are a good candidate but it really is pretty much wide open to many men and women.

And results with hair transplant surgery are very good and that’s why the technology has advanced to where it has. With strip method (FUT) and NeoGraft the grafts tend to have a high survival rate and the results are very natural.

Dr. Thompson often recommends medication and possibly additional procedures in conjunction with hair transplant surgery to provide the best outcome possible. For patients experiencing male or female pattern hair loss, finasteride is recommended to slow the process down and can stabilize hair loss so when new grafts are transplanted, the patient won’t continue losing hair and end up with a highly unnatural result. For women of child-bearing age, finasteride isn’t appropriate and they would need to wait until they are done having children before taking the medication. Rogaine or minoxidil is also important to be using at home and can be purchased over the counter.

For more information on who is a good candidate for hair transplant surgery, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.


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