Straight Talk about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty procedures continue to show up in the Top 5 List of most common cosmetic surgery procedures. You would think that, as long as this procedure has been around, there would be zero misconceptions about how to get the nose that is right for your face. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The development of the internet has actually made the entire nose job process more complicated. Here, we want to give you some straight facts regarding rhinoplasty and how it benefits patients of Utah Facial Plastics.

An altered nose can still look like a natural nose.

Some people fear that having a nose job will permanently alter their nose to such an extent that they look unnatural. There are a few ways this could really happen. The first is insisting on a particular nose. The second is choosing an inexperienced surgeon who will give you that nose rather than guiding you in the way of the nose shape and size that would suit your facial structure.

There is such a thing as a right nose for your face.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people may still have about rhinoplasty is that they can show their plastic surgeon an image of a nose they love, love, love, and have their nose transformed to look just like it. There is no perfect nose; only the perfect nose for a particular face. When you have a nose shape that you find overwhelmingly attractive, it is because that nose is at home on the face of the person who holds it. When you consult with your surgeon about rhinoplasty, it is best to have an open mind about recommendations. Know that whatever your surgeon suggests, it comes from a place of understanding your unique bone structure.

Rhinoplasty is not only for the wealthy.

People are learning that rhinoplasty, as well as many other cosmetic procedures, are more affordable than they imagined. Every rhinoplasty is a customized procedure, which means that the overall cost of any given surgery will vary based on the extent of change that will take place. There is no obligation to undergo rhinoplasty when you consult with your experienced facial plastic surgeon. Get the information you need in terms of costs; it will help you move forward at the right time for your needs.

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