Hydrafacial Treatments at Utah Facial Plastics on Good Things Utah

Utah Facial Plastics discusses skincare and Hydrafacial treatments for glowing skin on Good Things Utah with Reagan Leadbetter.

Reagan: Welcome back to Good Things Utah, we are talking about glowing skin with Utah Facial Plastics. We have Alfie, Brittney and Trish here to give us the low-down. It’s not just for celebrities, right? We can all have beautiful skin. Alright, the first tip is one that’s preached all the time but really is the most important thing.

Brittney: Right, and that’s daily sunscreen use. We cannot stress it enough. Sun protection in the number one thing we need. You hear it a million times but it’s daily sun protection. I brought my favorite sunscreens and you want one that has zinc oxide in it. That’s going to be your physical blocker. The best part about this one is that it’s tinted and doesn’t go on white. The other one I brought is a good antioxidant that you’ll want to put on prior to adding your sunscreen. Using an antioxidant daily will determine how you age in the future.

Reagan: Alright, second…additional products as needed.

Alfie: I’ve got my faves. SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum is what we call “Liquid Gold” with antioxidants and growth factors in it. We’ve got SkinMedica’s Lytera to help with pigmentation and then HA5 that plumps fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Reagan: Alright, what is the third tip.

Trish: It’s important to be doing a combination of at-home and in-office treatments. We have a lot of treatments you can do in the office. We have a CO2 laser, chemical peels, Venus Viva treatments, IPL…but what our patients are really loving is Hydrafacial. Our hydrafacial is not a normal facial. It’s actually better. You cleanse the skin, then exfoliate, then it extracts all the dead skin cells and debri on the face. Then we’re going to infuse antioixidants and nutrients into your skin. There’s no downtime.

Reagan: That’s wonderful…that gives you that glowy look. Alright, and you’re doing a deal right now. There’s consistency too, that’s the last one. Doing this stuff all the time will get you the best results.

Alfie: Yes, free sunscreen with antioxidant purchase and then 20% off hydrafacial treatments.

Reagan: Make an appointment and go get what you need for your face. You can call (801)776-2220 or visit utahfacialplastics.com.

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