Facelift Testimonial from Utah Facial Plastics Patient on 2/28/17. Patient (67 year-old female) received a facelift, lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning and a pre-jowl implant from Utah facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Thompson.

“When I was a little girl, I had a grandmother who adored and doted on me when I was small and cute, but as I went into that awkward stage and my teeth came in crooked, she would have nothing to do with me. I was hurt and puzzled and a few years later she died of cancer, but left a scar on my life. As I grew older, I began seeing that grandmother in the mirror – the same jowls, heaviness around the neck and chin and puffy lower lids. I became sadder and sadder and could not escape that image. I had a friend who had a facelift and it made a huge difference to her. It took me years to decide to do this, at age 67, but I can’t even tell you how much it has improved my life, physically and emotionally. I did a lot of research before deciding which surgeon to entrust this task to. I talked to patients of doctors, looked at websites and pictures and finally arrived at Dr. Thompson. He was warm and friendly as well as being a skilled surgeon. I remember telling him right before surgery to be as “invasive as you can” on my lower neck and jowls and he worked extra hard on those areas.

Besides the physical improvement I enjoyed after the surgery, there is another aspect of a physician’s practice that is huge, and that is his staff. I had another procedure done by another doctor and his office assistant, the one every call had to go through, was so difficult and “snotty” that I was in tears several times because of her. In Dr. Thompson’s office, the staff is patient, kind, and willing to answer even the smallest question and do whatever is necessary to give quality and timely answers and make each patient feel like they are the most important person in the world. That was huge to me and almost as important as the surgery. I am SO GLAD I found Dr. Thompson. I have been extremely satisfied with every aspect of my experience with him and his office staff.”

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