Eyebrow Transplant at Utah Facial Plastics

Patients desiring an eyebrow transplant at Utah Facial Plastics come seeking fuller thicker brows, either partial or full. There are varying reasons for thinning eyebrows including age, over-plucking, medication, surgical scars, etc. Thick, full brow are also trending right now and some just want to add some additional fullness that’s that’s completely natural and not accomplished through tattooing or microblading. So how is an eyebrow transplant at Utah Facial Plastics performed?

An eyebrow transplant procedure by Dr. Thompson is done at our Layton location only as we have a hair center at that location with space, supplies and technicians needed to complete the process. Dr. Thompson prescribes Valium for patients to take 30 minutes prior to start-time to help them relax throughout the procedure.

The area in the back of the head where the grafts will be taken is numbed with lidocaine injections. There are two methods for obtaining the grafts. There is the strip-method (FUT), where a small area is excised from the back of the head to supply the grafts. There is also NeoGraft (FUE), where an area is shaved in the back of the head and the grafts are suctioned out one at a time. Typically for women, the strip-method is preferred since the FUE option requires shaving an area of the bag of the head that will take a long time to grow to the length the hair is at the current time. With FUT, a portion is excised, closed up, and can be easily covered by the surrounding hair.

Once the grafts are obtained, our technicians clean them up and cut them under a microscope. Dr. Thompson then makes the recipient sites for where the grafts are then placed in a natural pattern.

Patient are instructed to lightly poor soapy water on them once a day after 24 hours for approximately 7-10 days until the scabs come off. At that time, the hair typically falls out with the scabs but the follicles are still in place. The follicles start producing new hair around 3-5 months following the procedure and need to be trimmed to keep them at the desired length.

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