Top Non-Surgical Treatments for Tired Eyes on Good Things Utah

Utah Facial Plastics discusses the top non-surgical treatments for tired eyes on Good Things Utah with Nicea DeGering

Nicea: My girls are here with me on the couch, we have Beth, Alfie and Jenny from Utah Facial Plastics and we’re talking about something we all know about…those tired mommy eyes and the top procedures for tired eyes. And Beth, you are a new mom. It’s frustrating to have those circles on the eyes and feel like there’s nothing you can do.

Beth: It is but it’s important to point out that this isn’t a concern for just women, but for men as well. What happens is as we age and even with genetics, we can develop those bags under the eyes, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and even some crepiness. Even on the outside we get the crow’s feet and the lines between the brows.

Nicea: Is this hormonal changes is this ages or both?

Beth: It can be everything, kind of a combination.

Nicea: So Alfie, what can we do? What are some of the options?

Alfie: Once simple thing you can do is a little Botox, of course. You can do a little between the brows, to the crow’s feet and it can even lift the brows. There’s our little Jenny. This picture is when I did filler, a popular procedure for tired eyes, to the under-eyes and a little Botox so a combination of both.

Nicea: So I call it my little sunburst, the crinkle on the outside of the eyes, but then one day it turned into a sunset. When you just want to soften that a little bit, what do you use?

Alfie: We use Botox. Botox is the easiest way and also a popular procedure for tired eyes. It doesn’t change your appearance but just opens the eye. It’s not going to change your appearance, you’re still going to look like yourself. It just works on the muscles and relaxes those lines.

Nicea: Not frozen, just relaxed.

Alfie: Yes, and it lifts the brow and the lateral brow, it’s great.

Nicea: You mentioned filler. Where would you put filler to make the eye look more awake?

Beth: Well, with filler, like Alfie did with Jenny, it’s going to be right in that tear trough right there and is safe. We use a cannula to help minimize bruising and swelling. It’s a little bit safer to use the cannula in that area.

Nicea: Jenny, is it different for everyone that comes in?

Jenny: Yes, definitely. So these guys do a ton of quick procedures to fill in lines and there is not downtime, you can go back to work. Some people might need something more. If they have darkness under eyes, sometimes the doctors will recommend fat injections. The filler is translucent so you can still see some darkness but with fat, it really takes care of that discoloration and will be a little more permanent. Or like what Reagan did, they have some loose skin under the eyes, you can either do skin resurfacing or a skin pinch, where you make a small incision, removed the excess skin and it’s a pretty easy recovery.

Nicea: If you’ve been following Reagan on social media she’s been posting about it. I can’t wait for you to see the results when she comes back in.

Jenny: And she might even come back in for some skin resurfacing in that area which stimulates collagen production and will tighten even more over the next 3-6 months after treatment.

Nicea: What is the first area of someone’s face you look at? It’s their eyes, right? It’s what I look at when I look in the mirror. There’s so many options now. You can do something like Reagan did or it can be something where you’re in and out of the office on your lunch break.

Alfie: And you can really do a combination of many surgical and non-surgical treatments for tired eyes.

Nicea: I want you to follow Utah Facial Plastics on social media because I was just telling Jenny, it gets me so excited to see who is coming in and what people are trying. You highlight so many procedures, even going into the surgical room and posting it.

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