Botox for Facial Paralysis at Utah Facial Plastics

Dr. Henstrom is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and facial paralysis specialist at Utah Facial Plastics and uses a variety of treatment options to address patients individual needs. One popular treatment Dr. Henstrom utilizes in the office is Botox for facial paralysis at Utah Facial Plastics. By injecting Botox strategically into proper areas of the face, he can make the face and facial expressions much more symmetric.

Botox for facial paralysis at Utah Facial Plastics not only works well but is a quick treatment that can be done in-office. Patients can plan for a 15-30 procedure in which Dr. Henstrom injects Botox into certain areas of the face using a tiny needle for minimum discomfort. There is a small chance of bruising which is minimized by avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E and fish oil 3-5 days prior to treatment.

Once the Botox treatment is complete, ice is given to help with any swelling and discomfort. Results are typically noticed within 5-7 days following initial treatment and last approximately 3-5 months. Side-effects or complications with Botox are vary rare and it’s considered an extremely safe and effective treatment for facial paralysis.

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