Nose Job Ideals are Changing Thanks to Millennials

Nose jobs have evolved, according to a recent article from Allure magazine. We are loving this article because here at Utah Facial Plastics, we are seeing nose job ideals evolving as well.

Our surgeons are finding that less and less patients come to their consultation with photos of celebrity noses they want an exact replica of on their face with more patients wanting subtle patients so they can hang on to their individuality.

“The perfectly straight and symmetrical noses individuals once aspired to have are now considered boring. Patients will frequently tell me to improve a feature, but to hold back from making it too ‘perfect’ or symmetrical in an effort to preserve the character of their face,” said LA plastic surgeon, Alexander Rivkin.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedures

With the desire for more subtle changes and an increase in popularity of dermal fillers, it’s no surprise that reported a 35% increase in non-surgical nose job searches in 2017. Fillers, such as Juvederm and Voluma, can be injected onto the dorsum to make it appear more straight or to the tip of the nose to make it look less bulbous and flat. While it’s actually adding volume to the nose, it can make it look smaller and thinner.

The best part about non-surgical rhinoplasty surgery is that it doesn’t take much filler to make these changes. Treatments are also quick and easy but but must be done by an experienced injector as there are risks, such as necrosis (when skin dies due to a blocked artery), blindness, brain injury and skin problems.

Surgical Rhinoplasty Procedures

For patients who want to make the nose smaller permanently, a surgical nose job is the way to go. When consulting with our surgeons at Utah Facial Plastics, they will tailor a plan based on your specific needs and concerns as well as your safety. When surgeons are overly aggressive with rhinoplasty surgery, the bridge can collapse and cause major breathing problems. This requires revision surgery that can be lengthy and costly. Our surgeons also offer an imaging session where the after photos are morphed to reflect the outcome of surgery. This also ensures patient and surgeon are on the same page regarding the expectations of rhinoplasty surgery.

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