It’s hard to get time off from work and life in general for just a dental appointment, let alone surgery. It’s often the most difficult part of the facelift process. Not the actual surgery or recovery, but finding the time to have it done. And many patients don’t want others to know they had surgery so keeping it under wraps can make it even more difficult. So what is the recovery time after a facelift?

Facelift Recovery Time

We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of facelift patients through the years and some heal faster than others. On average, our surgeons tell patients to plan on three weeks. This is time they will want to take off from work and events, especially if they don’t want other to know they’ve had surgery done. Some patients return back to work two weeks after surgery but may have some residual bruising and swelling that can be covered with long hair over the ears. Other patients who are older, or tend to heal slower, may take up to four weeks after surgery before they are comfortable in public.

After facelift surgery, bruising and swelling typically peaks around 48 hours and starts to reside after that. The face does look pulled and relaxes around 2-3 weeks after surgery. We tell patients to not be alarmed, it’s completely natural to not recognize yourself for 1-2 weeks after surgery. Most patients feel pretty good after the first week but they are still have physical signs of healing. They often feel “restless” during this period and are anxious to get back to their daily activities. By week 3, they start to look and feel like themselves again, only more refreshed and youthful. The neck and jawline are restored with the jowls lifted.

Patience is the key with recovery from a facelift but the results are long-lasting, natural, and for many can be life-changing.

Less-Invasive Options

There are other options available that are less invasive and come with minimal downtime. Unfortunately, the results are often minimal as well and not as long lasting. This includes laser procedures, fillers, Ultherapy, and others. For some patients, these procedures are adequate. But for others, facelift surgery is the best way to achieve their desired goals.

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