Lip Augmentation Options at Utah Facial Plastics

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Alfie Symes, Nurse Injector at Utah Facial Plastics, discusses the many lip augmentation options available with Jessie Miller on Good Things Utah.

Jessie: I have a confession to make. If you didn’t already know, about a year ago I started seeing people with lip filler and thinking I wanted a little bit of a poutier lip…there’s something that I want. But I went to my husband and he was really worried about my face changing. Husbands are sometimes very nervous about different procedures being done. But I really wanted just a little oomph in my lips. So one day I was looking at everybody’s lips and girl came on the show, and I loved her lips. I knew that she had something done so I asked her where she went and she said the only person she’d go to for lip augmentation was Alfie Symes at Utah Facial Plastics. So that’s who I went to. So let’s talk about lip filler. When people hear it, they picture these big overdone lips like Lisa Rinna or Kardashian lips…and that scares them away from it. But there are actually different options for lip augmentation that you can do. Let’s talk about those different options.

Alfie: Okay, so there are three different main lip fillers…Volbella is the small baby fill. It’s more subtle, can correct asymmetries and fill in the lines a bit. This is really popular with our older patients just wanting to restore volume in the lips. Then there is Juvederm XC, that was is kind of in the middle. We can always use less too to get a more subtle look like the Volbella. And then there is Juvederm Ultra Plus for the really full lip.

Jessie: The first time I came in I just wanted a baby lip plump, so that’s what we did. But what did we do this time because I wanted fuller?

Alfie: We did the Juvederm XC and we did a full syringe. And it’s more about how you do it versus how much. People can get the right volume but you’ve got to go sleep and keep it looking natural. That’s why husbands and boyfriends get anxious because sometimes you can really tell right after lips are done and there’s a lot of swelling. I want people not knowing you had this done…it is my name on your face.

Jessie: You want people wondering if you’re wearing a different lipstick or something. So the question I get asked a lot when I tell people about my lip filler is ‘how long does lip augmentation last‘?

Alfie: Volbella lasts a year, Juvederm lasts six to nine months but the more and more you keep doing it, they do start to stay and eventually you’re producing your own collagen and a lot of it is permanent.

Jessie: That was something that helped me with the baby lip plump, talking my husband into it, was letting him know it’s not a permanent procedure. But if you do love, it can be longer lasting. Another question people are having is about the cost of lip augmentation.

Alfie: Volbella comes in a smaller syringe so it’s about half the cost. Juvederm XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus are a little bit more. We do have specials for February, for Valentine’s Day. It’s $75 off Volbella and $100 of both Juvederm products. All of our prices are on our Instagram page and website at Volbella is starts at $375 and Juvederm is about $500-$600 per syringe.

Jessie: So if you’re looking for a gift idea this is a good one. And I’ll tell you, it’s just given me a bit of a boost of confidence. I still wanted to look like me and I love it. I liked that I was able to show you pictures of what I was looking for and you were able to customize my lip augmentation. You’re just the best…visit or call (801) 776-2220.



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