What To Expect With A Direct Necklift

Dr. Henstrom, top Utah Facial Plastic surgeon, discuss who is a good candidate and what to expect with a direct necklift procedure.

A lot of patients come to us with complaints of the central neck. They don’t like how their skin or tissue hangs too low and they want to do something about it. Some of them are great candidates for a traditional facelift or maybe even an in-office MACSlift, which is a mini lift. However, some patients don’t want to go through all of that recovery and everything that is entailed with that surgery. So another option we have for patients with that redundancy of the central skin and tissue is what we a call a ‘direct necklift’. What that entails is directly excising the tissue from the neck. So we make an excision around that tissue, get rid of it, and pull the skin tight and it gives a great effect for the patients who are looking for a sculpted neck and will be okay with an unnoticeable, but present scar on the anterior neck.

Patients who commonly come in seeking this out are actually male patients who might have to wear a shirt and tie for work and they don’t like how that tissue hangs over or it makes their collar really tight. And they’re just looking for a solution to that specific problem.

One of the other benefits that people seek to get from a procedure like this is the decrease in down time from a traditional facelift. So patients are going to be healing up, there isn’t going to be nearly as much bruising and swelling from a procedure like this. After we take stitches out at about a week, they still have some healing to do, but people are back to work at a much earlier time and have less overall recovery when we do this procedure.

The other benefit is that we can do this in the office, under just some local anesthetic.

To learn more about a direct necklift procedure, call (801)776-2220 or visit our direct necklift page here.

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