Top 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2018

The numbers for 2017 are out! The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released the national plastic surgery statistics for 2017 and we can’t say there is anything too surprising.

There were 17.5 million cosmetic procedures performed last year between surgical and non-surgical. That is a 2% increase from the total amount in 2016.

     Top 5 Surgical Cosmetic Procedures:

        1. Breast Augmentation 
            1. This is no surprise as “boob jobs” typically rank first in cosmetic surgical procedures each year. There were 300,378 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2017, which is a 3% increase from the 2016.
        2. Liposuction
            While CoolSculpting and other non-invasive forms of body contouring have skyrocketed in popularity, liposuction still reigns as the most popular and effective way to remove fat from “pockets” of the body to shape and contour.
        3. Nose Reshaping
            Nose jobs were the most popular facial cosmetic surgery last year and could the “selfie” craze of something to do with it? A recent study titled “Nasal Distortion in Short-Distance Photographs: The Selfie Effect” shows that the average selfie makes a person’s nose appear 30% larger than it actually is, driving more people to their plastic surgeon for a nose job. A poll taken by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons also reports that 55% of facial plastic surgeons had patients who mentioned the desire for better “selfies” when coming in for their consultations.
        4. Eyelid Surgery
            Blepharoplasty surgery was the second most popular facial procedure last year and included both upper and lower lift options. Many upper eyelid procedures are done to improve a patients vision and covered by insurance, which likely adds it’s popularity.
        5. Tummy Tuck
            After pregnancy or major weight loss, non-surgical tightening options offer a limited amount of improvement. Often times, the best option is to surgically remove the lax skin with a tummy tuck.


      Top 5 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

          1. Botox
              Botox reigns a the most popular non-surgical procedure with a count of 7.2 million treatments done just last year. Time and experience have proved the safety and efficacy of this treatment when done by an experienced provider.
          2. Soft Tissue Fillers
              This includes injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Belotero, Radiesse, Sculptra, and the many other products in the Juvederm family. More dermal fillers for specific areas of the face come out each year and will continue to do so, making this a popular treatment for patients anywhere from 20 to 80.
          3. Chemical Peel
              Tried and true, chemical peels have been around for a long time and still prove to be great for skin resurfacing and overall skin rejuvenation.
          4. Laser Hair Removal
              Laser hair removal is offered by many spas and practices, driving prices down and making this procedure more and more affordable for people to live hair free.
          5. Microdermabrasion
              1. Patients like that this superficial procedure can be done monthly and comes with no downtime. There were 740,297 microdermabrasion procedures performed in 2017.


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