The Best Treatments for Skin Resurfacing


If your skin texture is starting to look dull and full of fine lines and wrinkles, skin resurfacing can help remove those top layers of the skin and reveal brighter, tighter skin! Collagen and elastin decrease each year as we age so naturally, that plump youthful glow will begin to fade overtime. Here at Utah Facial Plastics, we offer many great treatments for skin resurfacing, from superficial to extra strength.

Less Aggressive Skin Resurfacing

Less aggressive options for the skin include chemical peels, dermplaning, Hydrafacials, and skin rejuvenation. These are all great treatments for patients looking to brighten the skin and remove superficial layers. If there are pigmentation concerns, chemical peels or Hydrafacial treatments are best to not only resurface the skin, but lighten pigmentation as well. For acne scaring, overall texture and tone, skin rejuvenation is amazing. Dermplaning is the least aggressive option that involves a sterile razor that removes dead skin cells on top of the skin, and also removes “peach fuzz” on the face, unlike the other treatments. Many patients will combine a chemical peel, Hydrafacial, or skin rejuvenation with dermplaning for optimal resutls. A series of treatments may be recommend and with Hydrafacials, it’s best to do one per month to keep up on your skin health.

More Aggressive Skin Resurfacing

If you haven’t been doing any of the above treatments and need something more aggressive, our Venus Viva or are Fractional CO2 laser treatment are best. They penetrate deeper into the skin for patients with more advanced crepiness, poor texture and tone, acne scars, and pigmentation. It’s great to do these treatments and keep up your results with a good at-home skincare regimen and occasional in-office treatments, such as those mentioned above.

Our fractional CO2 laser treatment is a one-time (although you can do more in the future) treatment that is most aggressive and requires 7-10 days of downtime for the skin to slough off. The skin will be slightly pink at that time but makeup can be worn to cover anything up. We numb the face very well prior to treatment to make this as comfortable as possible and most patients can barely feel a thing. We provide many skincare products to use during the healing process with additional products to help enhance your results.

Venus Viva treatments provide similar results but in a series of treatments and less downtime. You can do up to six treatments but most patients do 2-4, spaced approximately 30 days apart for the skin to heal. The face is red following treatment but makeup can be worn the next day to cover anything up. These treatments are also relatively painless as we apply strong numbing cream prior to treatment. During the month of April, we are offering a great special for Venus Viva. It’s buy one, get one free and each treatment is $700 typically.

For more information on which skin resurfacing option is best for you, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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