Patient Review for Dr. Douglas Henstrom, Utah Facial Plastic Surgeon

Patient review for Dr. Douglas Henstrom, facial plastic surgeon in Utah. Meagan received Botox, lip augmentation and micro-needling from Utah Facial Plastics.

My name is Meagan. I live in Syracuse and am 34 years old. I am in marketing and I really enjoy marketing and sales. It’s important for me to look my best because that’s how I market myself. I just turned 34 in April and started noticing some fine lines around my eyes and some lines in my lip area. I looked into doing Botox around my eyes to prevent my wrinkles from getting worse. And then i also looked into some lip filler.

My first consultation with Dr. Henstrom, he totally put me at ease. I was a little bit nervous with doing anything to my face, it’s the first thing that people see. They explained everything that they were doing. They were really great about making me feel comfortable, which was really important to me.

I got Botox around my eyes and he just did a couple of small injections. I couldn’t even feel it and they didn’t even need to numb the area. I don’t have the wrinkles around my eyes and I’m not self-conscious anymore and that was a big thing for me. That was a big thing for me because maybe other people didn’t notice them but I noticed them and I felt like it was affecting how I was presenting myself. The next thing I did was lip filler. I didn’t do a ton because I didn’t want to have a fake look. I just wanted to enhance what I already had.

He was great to explain everything to me and make me feel comfortable which I really appreciated about Dr. Henstrom. I had such great results with the lip fillers that I reached out to get a little bit more. I came back and again, he was great through the entire process. I realized then that my skin was bothering me as well. I would love to be able to not wear makeup as well. I think a lot of woman hide behind their makeup and it becomes kind of a mask, and I didn’t want to have to do that. And I felt like my pores were getting larger and it was Dr. Henstrom who recommended I talk to Alfie, who is one of the nurses on staff, and she recommended doing a procedure called micro-needling with PRP. They actually put plasma on your face. That was two days ago and I’m already seeing great results from that. My skin feels wonderful and my confidence is amazing. I haven’t even had to wear makeup the last two days. It’s great. Their staff is great, Alfie is great and Dr. Henstrom makes you feel so comfortable and at ease. The results speak for themselves.

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