Non-surgical Nose Job With U92

Non-surgical Nose Job With U92

Drake is only six weeks away and that means it’s time to get Summertime Fine. For me, getting summertime fine is addressing something that has bothered me for a long time, which is my nose. I actually had a consultation for rhinoplasty but when I actually got there, I started to have a lot of concerns about it. It’s not cheap and we’re ballin on a budget over here. It’s a painful recovery, nobody got time for that. And this is obvious, but it’s permanent. What if I have kids and they want to know why their nose doesn’t look like mine. What do I say?

I started to do some research and found out that non-surgical rhinoplasty is injecting fillers into your nose to give it a straighter or more sloped appearance. I decided to give that a shot and the first thing Alfie had me do was go into a photoshop app, we all got em, no shame. And kind of play with it and figure out what i wanted. She had me show her, which made me feel confident that she knew what I wanted. So I didn’t really have to stress about that.

So I went in there with my goal picture, Alfie put the numbing cream on and it was literally over within ten minutes. All you can really feel are just little pinches but it’s nothing too bad and I actually went straight back to work right after. I had a tiny bit of redness and a little bit of swelling but not enough for anyone to really notice. I will say that if you’ve watched my lip video you know I’ve had bad injectors before and it wasn’t that way. I literally dealt with awful pain and swelling that took days to recover from. So keep that in mind. Make sure you are going to a good injector, like Utah Facial Plastics, so they can do it right and do it safely. This is my before and after photo and this literally took 10 minutes. I’m kicking myself for not having this done sooner because I’ve been self-conscious about it for so long and it was such an easy thing to fix.

non-surgical nosejob

I don’t think there’s any amount of makeup, plastic surgery, or fillers that can make you love yourself if you don’t already. But if there is something about yourself that is making you unhappy, give yourself permission to go and change that thing. If that thing that bothers you is your nose, I would 100% recommend going and getting a non-surgical nosejob from Utah Facial Plastics because it’s not permanent and is so inexpensive in comparison to how much more confidence I have.

If it’s something you want to do I would definitely recommend hitting up Utah Facial Plastics. They are by far the best experience I’ve ever had with fillers. And you’re also welcome to hit me up if you have any questions about it.

Life is way too short to be self-conscious and worried about things. Plus, it’s summer and I’m going to be seeing all my exes out at concerts and festivals anyways so I’m definitely going to need to be living my best life when that happens.

To learn more about a non-surgical nosejob at Utah Facial Plastics, contact us HERE or call (801)776-2220.

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