Direct Necklift Seminar by Dr. Douglas Henstrom

Direct Necklift Seminar by Dr. Douglas Henstrom, Facial Plastic Surgeon at Utah Facial Plastics

There is an option that we offer patients that’s called the direct necklift. Sometimes patients will come into our office and they’re not worried about their jowls or the jawline or the cheeks. They just have extra tissue centrally in the neck and they want to do something about it. So we offer and talk to them about the direct necklift. It’s a great option for that “turkey gobbler”. This is a procedure that seems to be a bit more common for men, it’s great for patients who have had excessive weight loss, a lot of them have had gastric bypass, and they just have extra redundant skin that is really lax. This is usually when they’re older the skin is not going to rebound. What can we do with this skin? A direct necklift is a good option.

The one downside that I tell patients as that there is a mid-line incision. We actually just cut the extra skin out so there is a scar there. It’s an in-office procedure and heals up nicely, minimal downtime and it’s under local anesthetic.

Here are a few examples of men who have had this done. Sometimes gentlemen will tell me it’s hard to have that extra neck skin there when buttoning up their dress shirts. The extra skin will hang over their shirt and tie and they want to do something about it. This is not to say we don’t do this on females because we do. But it seems to be that men are potentially more comfortable with a scar on the neck. The incision does heal up really well.

Another popular procedure for men is hair transplant surgery. This can be done using a few different techniques, such as NeoGraft and the strip-method, and comes with completely natural results. We also offer PRP injections for hair restoration and prescribe certain medications to specific patients when it makes sense.

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