What To Do Before & After A Hydrafacial or Dermasweep Treatment

Here at Utah Facial Plastics we offer two different types of non-laser skin resurfacing facials; the Hydrafacial and Dermasweep. To get the most out of both of these incredible treatments, we have some great before and after tips for you to follow.

Preparing For a Hydrafacial or Dermasweep

To get the most out of your treatment we want to make sure you are well prepared before your Hydrafacial or Dermasweep treatment. Most facials require some “down time” because they can cause inflammation and or cause your skin to look worse before getting better. This is not the case with the Hydrafacial or Dermasweep. Instead, these treatments are safe to do before an event, wedding, or just to treat and maintain your skin. This is because they leave your skin looking very hydrated with a nice overall “glow” to the skin.

One Week Prior

One week before receiving either treatment it is good to stop exfoliating and increase your sun protection. Both the Hydrafacial and Dermasweep will exfoliate your skin for you. You never want to over exfoliate because you will not get the best results. As far as sun protection, we always recommend that our patients wear sunscreen with zinc oxide in it to help protect your skin from the suns harmful rays. Doing so will help with hyperpigmentation and prevent early signs of aging.

2 Days Before Treatment

Two days before coming in for your treatment we recommend that you stop applying any retinol/retinoid creams, active or acidic skin products. All of these types of products can cause your skin to be more sensitive than normal and will not allow you to receive the best treatment possible.

Day Of Treatment

The day of treatment is finally here! Many of our patient will ask if they can get Botox the same day as their Hydrafacial or Dermasweep and the answer is yes. Botox can be done with one of our nurses after your treatment. We do botox after the treatment because you are laying down for about 45 minutes during your facial and do not want to do anything to manipulate the Botox.

After Treatment

After either treatment you are allowed to apply makeup if needed. If not, it is not required that you wash your face after the treatment or even that evening. You can allow all of the products used during your treatment to absorb overnight. After 24 hours you may return to your regular skin care regimen and start using any products you may have stopped. Both treatments are safe to do every 1-4 weeks.

Call (801) 776-2220 to schedule your Hydrafacial or Dermaweep treatment with any of our experienced Aestheticians. During the month of January, receive a complimentary SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel and cosmetic bag with a Hydrafacial or Dermasweep purchase. You can also contact us HERE for more information.

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