What is Filler Fatigue?

A woman with syringe near her face who could experience filler fatigueFiller Fatigue Defined

Filler fatigue is a term associated with the repeated use of filler injections over an extended period of time. Filler fatigue is described as filling a brand new balloon with as much air as possible, releasing the air, refilling the balloon once more and releasing the air again. In the end, the balloon is not going to be as tight and taut as when it was brand new, never filled.

Is Filler Fatigue Really a Thing?

Most claim that there is no truth behind filler fatigue and that it is a myth. Filler treatments do not cause the skin to become lax because filler typically plumps the skin and the hyaluronic acid helps that body produce its own collagen.

However, there can be a point with age where traditional hyaluronic acid fillers aren’t fully correcting or providing the result patients have previously achieved. Many patients think adding more and more filler will be the solution, but it can actually leave a patient looking worse and “overfilled”, a.k.a. filler fatigue.


Sculptra is a filler treatment that works differently than hyaluronic acid fillers. When injected into hollow areas of the face, Sculptra stimulates collagen production to restore lost volume. Sculptra is good for patients with more extensive volume loss who are looking for something that will add a lot of volume and still look natural.

Sculptra typically requires about 3 treatments before seeing full results. Once you have completed the recommended 3 to 4 treatments, Dr Henstrom, Sculptra expert at UFP, recommends returning once a year to maintain collagen growth. This product is commonly used in the cheeks, temples and marionette lines.

Surgical Options to Avoid Filler Fatigue

There are some filler patients that are better candidates for surgery. A patient who has really deep nasolabial folds, jowls, hollows or significant volume loss may be better for fat injections with or without a procedure that lifts and tightens, such as facelift or eyelid surgery. Trying to correct these issues with filler can be costly and can end up looking very unnatural.

Choose a Conservative Provider to Avoid Filler Fatigue

To avoid filler fatigue, or looking “overfilled”, research providers who are on the conservative side and are known for providing natural-looking results. A provider with a heavy hand can cause someone to look very unnatural and you could end up losing your facial identity. We always recommend looking at before and after photos because you can really see that providers aesthetic sense. Going to a provider with a lot of experience with fillers will increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Here at UFP, we pride ourselves on providing a number of surgical and non-surgical facial options that we can recommend based on a patients individual goals. Our injectors are straight-forward, honest, and truly have each patients best interest at heart.

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