Non-Surgical Options to Improve Neck and Chin Contour

Voluma for chin contour

Some patients aren’t quite ready for a surgical procedure to approve the appearance of their lower face. UFP offers really great, effective non-surgical options that will give you the chiseled contour you’re looking for.

Filler and Botox?

Filler is a really great non-surgical option for neck and chin contouring. Voluma, for example, is a hyaluronic acid based filler that is meant to be laid down on the bone to create structure. Voluma is the most dense product of the Juvederm family, which is why this filler is used to treat bone structure loss. The other really great thing about Voluma is that it approximately 2 years for most patients.

Areas where Voluma is used to improve the neck and chin contour are along the jaw line and on top of the chin bone. Voluma is FDA approved to temporarily correct volume loss in the cheek area, which really compliments the overall appearance and contour of the face.

Botox can surprisingly can help with the appearance of your jawline by actually slimming the lower face. When Botox is injected into the jaw muscles “masseter” it weakens the muscle so it shrinks over time. Candidates for this treatment typically have a square or circular face they would like to change to more of a triangular/oval shape.


Kybella is a great alternative for many patients not ready for liposuction under the neck and chin (submental liposuction). Our facial plastic surgeons do typically recommend submental liposuction for patients with moderate to more extensive fullness as it’s typically more cost effective and will provide better results. Kybella does requires a series of treatments, typically between 2 and 4, though up to 6 treatments can be done.

Kybella works by literally melting away the fat cells. The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, which is naturally found in the body and allows the product to break down the membranes and cause fat the melt away.

Venus Viva

Our Venus Viva laser is another really great non-surgical treatment option to improve the neck and chin contour. This technology combines NanaFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology. With this combination, the Venus Viva is not only able to treat scars and wrinkles but it can also tighten lax skin and stimulate collagen production.

To really improve the neck and chin contour some patients need as many as 3-6 treatments, spaced out at least one month apart. For optimal results it could be combined with Kybella and Voluma to give you the ultimate neck and chin contour.

To learn more about any of these non-surgical chin and neck contour options, please call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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