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Kerri: Welcome back to Fresh Living. We are so excited to talk about this next topic with one of our favorites, Alfie from Utah Facial Plastics. Thanks for hanging out with us today.

Alfie: Yeah, its so good to see you guys.

Caitlyn: This is awesome and I’m really excited to talk about this because as you know, I am terrified of needles. Hence, the shar-pei up here. What is AguaGold?

Alfie: AquaGold is a micro changing device that delivers Botox, HA fillers and additional vitamin serums into the skin. It helps tighten, tone, improve skin texture, shrink pores and reduce lines.

Kerri: Whoa..

Caitlyn: Say no more.

Alfie: Yeah, it tightens the neck, decollete. It give you like a more airbrushed look. It’s amazing. You know, I have to be honest I wasn’t super excited about it at first, but after doing it…

Caitlyn: What are you doing now?

Alfie: See, it is just really teeny-tiny needles, we don’t even need to numb the skin. It’s just small 20 small sterile needles.

Caitlyn: 20 at a time?

Kerri: Caitlyn’s heart rate is going up right now.

Alfie: They are finer than a hair follicle so super small.

Kerri: You can’t even feel it, right?

Alfie: Every single person that I’ve done this on says it feels good to have done. It’s almost like a massage to your skin.

Kerri: This is a newer thing, right?

Alfie: Yes, it’s very new. At first, I was kinda underwhelmed about it until I realized that I could create my own cocktails for it and tailor them to each patient. And then we did it on ourselves and a few patients and it was amazing.

Kerri: Good stuff.

Caitlyn: Okay, does this replace traditional Botox?

Alfie: It doesn’t… it’s basically an addition to traditional Botox. So this is for the skin and regular Botox is typically injected into the muscles in the face.

Caitlyn: Okay, so it doesn’t stop you from moving?

Alfie: It doesn’t stop you from moving. It just tightens the skin, shrinks the pores, helps with fine lines and brightens the skin. It’s pretty amazing.

Kerri: That’s crazy.

Kerri: Okay, if you came in for Botox.. would you get his done like right after or do you do it separately?

Alfie: You can do them at the same time.

Kerri: Oh, that’s nice. Does it last a long time or do we need to get repetitive treatments?

Alfie: It lasts just as long as Botox so usually about 3 months.

Caitlyn: So you can just do both every time you come in?

Alfie: Yeah, and it really does just your skin a nice glow. I mean…it’s amazing.

Kerri: I love it…

Alfie: Not that you guys need it…

Kerri: No, I need everything I can.

Caitlyn: So also what I’m wondering, can you do this on it’s own? Does it work better coupled with Botox or what if I came in, and since I don’t do Botox, and just did this?

Alfie: You could do that, yeah. And it is great for people like you that aren’t ready to jump into Botox to relax muscle movement. You are just going to look have a glowing, airbrushed appearance to your skin.

Kerri: What kind of skin is this perfect for?

Alfie: I can actually tailor it to everybody. So it’s pretty great for everybody.

Caitlyn: Even if you have problem skin or anything?

Alfie: Yeah, even if you have problem skin…it’s amazing.

Kerri: Okay, do you have any specials going right now?

Alfie: Yes, we do. We are offering $100 off AquaGold treatments during the month of July.

Kerri: Whoo!! That’s nice. What a great deal.

Alfie: Yeah it’s an amazing deal…

Kerri:  Make your appointment!

Alfie: Yeah, make your appointment.

Kerri: You guys are our favorite…we love you so much.

Alfie: Aww, I love you guys too.

Kerri: What I love about you guys is that you make me feel completely at ease. I was nervous going into it but you guys help to take those nerves away.

Alfie: Well, good! I mean you guys are already beautiful, we just keep you looking the same.

Caitlyn: And confident…you guys have so many other services that we can try out if anyone wants to go in there to discuss additional options as well.

Alfie: Absolutely. Yes. So great to see you.

Caitlyn: Thanks so much, Alfie.

Alfie: Love you.

For more information about micro Botox with AquaGold, call (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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