Pre-Juvenation: Keeping It Off The Floor

Jenny: Welcome to Facial Aesthetics Unmasked. Another episode with our super fun, also amazing nurse injector Alfie Symes.

Alfie: Thank you. That’s a wonderful introduction.

Jenny: Always. And Delaney from U92…

Delaney: Hi.

Jenny: who has seen Alfie a few times.

Alfie: She’s the best

Delaney: You’re the best.

Jenny: Yeah, we love having her in the office. She’s so cool.

Dalaney: I love being in the office… trust me.

Jenny: My kids just think you’re the coolest and they love when they hear you on the radio. That I know you is just amazing.

Delaney: I love that. I’m sorry that sometimes our music is a little questionable.

Jenny: Well, that questions my motherhood. But that elevates my cool status just by knowing you.

Delaney: Cool. Cool.

Alfie: Yeah, that’s important.

Delaney: So glad I could be of service.

Alfie: Especially with little boys.

Jenny: I was going to say we are going to talk about a term in the industry, which is “Pre-juvenation”.

Alfie: Right.

Jenny:…and just how millennials are the fastest growing demographic in the industry. So, pre-juvenating millennials is our topic today.

Alfie: Isn’t that a cool word? Pre-juvenation instead of rejuvenation? Listen people, you don’t want to rejuvenate, you want to pre-juvenate.

Jenny: You pre-juvenate and you don’t need to rejuvenate.

Alfie: Right, you keep it off the floor people. Ladies, keeping everything off the floor. Keeping things up.

Delaney: You’ve got to.

Alfie: All the way up. Yeah, for sure.

Delaney: There’s nothing wrong with that. I do Botox, I do fillers. Is lip filler considered pre-juvenation?

Jenny: Totally.

Alfie: Well, yeah for sure. That’s the thing too. I think there’s a misconception for older people or maybe some millennials is that it has to be noticeable or that it has to change how you look. Really, it just doesn’t. Botox just relaxes muscles just so that you don’t get static lines later in life. So that is pre-juvenation, it’s keeping the wrinkles off your face. And filler just can restore volume… You know, we stop producing collagen which makes our skin plump and beautiful when we are thirty. And so you really need to start doing this stuff in your twenties. And Not huge but you know enough to notice a difference.

Jenny: Tweaks…

Alfie: Yeah and just restoring that volume. Keeping you looking like you, but the best version. That’s what it’s all about, babe.

Jenny: That’s what it should be all about.

Alfie: Beautiful inside and out.

Jenny: Yeah…

Alfie: Goals.

Jenny: Nobody wants to be different…just maintenance.

Alfie: Right. Yeah, especially… these people are like really you have that young of patients coming in. And I’m like yeah. I wish I would have known that when I was in my twenties instead of a you know, a bottle of coconut oil and sunbathing on the roof. Like geez…

Jenny: I know, right?

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: Or at least just knowing about how important sunscreen. Like what’s going to happen to my face and how expensive it’s going to be to fix it later.

Alfie: Right and our Millennials are educated now.

Jenny: They are more educated…social media.

Alfie: They’re more educated. They are staying out of the sun, they’re staying out of the tanning beds, you know…They are paying attention to what we look like.

Jenny: And moms, their moms are telling them…

Delaney: Oh, yeah my mom is telling me.

Jenny: This is expensive down the road…

Delaney: She’s like go get your Botox, go get your fillers, slap your sunscreen on.

Alfie and Jenny: Yes!

Alfie: That’s the one thing I wish I would have listened to. Is stay out… wear your sunscreen and take care of your skin.

Jenny: Right, Right.

Alfie: I mean I do but pre-juvenation is way better than rejuvenation.

Jenny: Yes.

Delaney: I feel like…and correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like the biggest fad of pre-juvenation would be lips for younger people, right?

Alfie: Yeah, for sure. Absolutely.

Jenny: That’s one of the top procedures Alfie does in our office.

Alfie: It’s the best… lips all day.

Jenny: Lips all day.

Alfie: Lips all day. Lips all day. And its anything from like a really subtle difference to you know, a lot of volume. It’s really personal. I mean sometimes I have to tell patients no which is a good thing.  You know and if it’s not going to look good on them or whatever, we’ll talk about it. We’ll just talk about it.

Delaney: Wait. Tell me about a time when you had to say no to somebody. Did they bring you a picture of someone with like crazy lips?

Alfie: So like either already too done or they just don’t need it. Sometimes people, when they don’t have a lot of education about this kind of stuff they think that they want something but they don’t really  know what it will do to their face or… you know what I mean? Or they’ll be concerned with like a certain… it’s so funny what some people think is a big deal. Like one line on their face or you know… So I think it’s good to just educate. You know and talk about it and let them know you know, if you do this, this is going to happen and if you do this, this is going to happen. You know, I have to either tell people either that are okay, your lips are full.  There’s nowhere… I don’t think that some people understand that once your lips get to a certain volume when I’m trying to augment them or augment meaning change them or you know, make them bigger. The filler goes where it wants to go, not where I want it to go once they’re too full. Do you know what I mean?

Delaney: Yeah.

Alfie: Also, we want people to look good and natural and pretty And even if they want the big, voluptuous lips, can their lips handle it? Because some people’s cant.

Jenny: Can they still talk?

Alfie: Can they still talk…

Jenny: Yeah, can they still drink a glass of water?

Alfie: Can they still move their mouth? Yeah…

Jenny: And it’s hard because getting treatment is like a hit, you know…like with the lips. Like you get them done and you’re instantly like I can take on the world.

Alfie: Right. So good.

Jenny: You put your gloss on…like it’s instant. Where as Botox takes some time. So I feel like people are coming in just excited and you have to pump the breaks.

Alfie: Yeah, for sure. Sometimes.. And you know, we can just talk about it. And going slower sometimes is just better too because it keeps them looking more natural.

Delaney: And that’s why you have to go to the right place.

Alfie: Aw…you’re sweet.

Delaney: Because you guys have seen my horror pictures.

Alfie: That’s right.

Delaney: The first time I had my lips done in Atlanta, I had a doctor who didn’t really care what I wanted or what was safe or ethical to do. And my very first time getting my lips done, he did a syringe and a half at one time.

Jenny: Oh, my goodness..

Alfie: Wow!

Delaney: and my lips were so swollen, they were like the size of my face.

Alfie: Yeah, I saw the pictures. Yeah, so sad.

Delaney: and I was in so much pain. Yeah, you’ve seen the pictures. So you’ve got to make sure that you are going to the right people who aren’t going to encourage that kind of…

Alfie: I would never do that much volume at once.

Jenny: Cause for them, that’s more dollars in one hour. Like if you’re selling a couple syringes in one treatment versus one, you double your profit. So you do have to… It is a business, we are here to make money but you can’t.. We also patients best interest.

Alfie: Best interest, always. And honestly, it costs less money to give people what they need, not what you want them to spend. And I would never do more than one syringe at a time anyways…. Even if they want more volume. You’ve got to come back and wait. And here still, I do this for a living and I still have a hard time dealing with swelling and bruises and the downtime that goes with some of these procedures. And obviously we try to reduce all of that with certain things we can talk about it before the procedure but you still… we’re sticking needles in your face so you’re still going to be swollen, you’re going to be bruised. THere’s things that people don’t really realize, like you have time for down time anymore? So you really need to kind of pump the breaks and not do it all at once.

Delaney: And know what you’re getting yourself into and where you’re going.

Alfie: Right.

Delaney: Cause again, everybody is different this isn’t to say that everyone had this experience but when i got my lips done with you for the first time, I’m liking bracing myself because the previous time my lips were so bruised, I want in so much pain, I was in tears. Then when I had my lips done with you, not sore at all. I still had the swelling and bruising but… again go to the right people. Don’t just go to the cheapest or…

Jenny: Oh, don’t ever do Groupon.

Alfie: Don’t.

Jenny: Don’t Groupon your face.

Alfie: There are a couple sentences… they are a couple words that don’t belong in the same sentence. Cheap in Botox and cheap in sushi. They do not belong in the same sentence.

Delaney: Don’t do it.

Alfie: Don’t do it to yourself. And anybody can bruise and stuff but you really need to have your patient, you know their well-being in mind when you’re doing this stuff.

Delaney: Yeah and I feel like more and more just with social media and Kylie Jenner, I feel like it is in high demand. And I see younger girls just totally…

Jenny: Totally…

Delaney: just doing the Groupons and just trying to get the best deal. But, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s something to mess around with or…

Jenny: Or go anywhere for. Because truth be told, it’s a disservice to yourself if it’s noticeable to people and super obvious. You just paid a lot of money for people to kind of like maybe laugh at you a little bit.

Alfie: And I see those people like they come in and I fix it and you know, that’s sad.

Jenny: It’s more expensive to get fixed.

Alfie: Yeah, you’re right. It is sad, it is sad. You’ve got to be… it’s kinda like those people that are like go big or go home. Sometimes it’s better not to go big, we’ll get there. This is not a race, it’s a marathon.

Jenny: Right.

Alfie: We’ve really got to pump the breaks.

Delaney: I feel like just… I don’t know… like for me where I’m sitting in just the last couple of years where lips got really huge. Do you feel like it’s Kylie Jenner? Do people come in all the time and show you a picture of Kylie?

Alfie: Yeah or ask for Kylie Jenner. And you know, she’s even taken some out of her lips now at this point. She felt like hers got…

Jenny: Yeah, she’s gotten a lot smaller. And now we see people going a little more natural.

Alfie: I’ve taken it out of my own and it’s really easy you know… occupational hazard for me. Just kidding.

But, you know it’s easy to get caught up in the new… because you do, you feel so good. You’re ready to take on the world.

Jenny: It’s an instant high.

Alfie: Yeah, even your Botox it’s got that placebo effect where you’re like yeah, let’s do this.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s true.

Alfie: People come in my office everyday and they are like I need a facelift, I need… lift my face up. I’m like you’re going to feel so much better when your Botox kicks in.

Jenny: It’s true!

Alfie: It’s true…

Jenny: Your brow raise and you’re like… it’s like when you smile, like you just feel happier.

Alfie: Yeah, it takes off of you, keeps years off of you, it’s good. Keep rejuvenation people but you could start a little earlier.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Right.

Delaney: And i feel like that’s totally okay now. Especially… well I started first getting my lips done just because I started seeing influencers that I loved doing it . I think it’s cool now how everybody is so transparent about it.

Alfie: Yeah. It is. It’s come a long way.

Delaney: Like I think about a couple years ago… this is so embarrassing but when I first got my lips done I came back to Salt Lake and I hung out with a guy I hadn’t seen in a couple years. And he’s like, your face looks different. And I straight up looked at him and was like no, it’s not.

Jenny: You’re like, it’s new skincare…

Delaney: And my lips are like the size of Africa and i’m just like no, I don’t know what you’re talking about.  So fast forward a couple years later and I talk about it on the radio, and I post about it, and I’m telling everyone I know.

Alfie: They look so good.

Delaney: Like the cashier at Smith’s I’m like hey, does it look like I have my lips done? Cause I did. Do you want to know where I went?

Alfie: That’s awesome.

Delaney: So, I feel like things have changed. I don’t know, just from my perspective things have changed that way where it’s so much more acceptable now.

Alfie: Yeah, for sure.

Jenny: Which I think for these influencers that are open about it, it’s nice for their followers. It’s not just like a push and sell, go here, or do this.

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: It’s like they look like this for a reason…

Alfie: Yes!

Jenny: Like they just don’t naturally have these amazing lips.

Alfie: It’s like Hollywood…

Jenny: and they don’t naturally not age and I think that makes people feel worse about themselves than if you’re saying nothing at all and being I’m all natural.

Alfie: Exactly. It’s been that way our whole childhoods. Like we look at models and movie starts and nobody was talking about it.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Nobody wants admitting to it.

Jenny and Alfie: Why can’t I look like that?

Alfie: Yeah, it’s sad.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: And it is good that people are talking about it. Here’s the thing. Everybody wants to feel good about themselves. Everybody. Who doesn’t need or want that. You work harder, you make more friends, you talk more, you’re more outgoing, your move positive, you bring more light into the world when you feel good about yourself. So you should… If something is going to make you feel good about yourself you should at least come in and let’s talk about it.

Jenny: And for some people this won’t be it. You know? And it might be something else that is completely outside of this. But yeah, if this is something that helps you feel better about yourself then we love offering it.

Delaney: I feel like if their.. If that’s the thing that’s holding you back from doing it is the fear of people saying, “oh, you got something done. She got work done.” I don’t feel like at this point in time… that’s a super.. I don’t want to say valid reason but I just don’t see it as often. Like everyone is so open about it now and you really shouldn’t care what other people think.

Jenny and Alfie: Right.

Alfie: And it’s ok… like there are a lot of patients that don’t like people to know.

Jenny: Yeah, it is still…

Alfie: A lot of women don’t want their husbands to know because their husbands see these terrible pictures or they’ve watched First Wives Club too many times and they’re like, no, you’re not getting your lips done. But it doesn’t have to look like Goldie Hawn on First Wives Club. I love that movie but…

Jenny: These patients pay with cash like in the back room. Like don’t put my address on here or don’t put my email.

Alfie: But then, they do it and their husbands are happy…

Jenny: Or they don’t even notice.

Alfie: Or they have no idea.

Jenny: They have no idea.

Delaney: Knowledge is power. I told my boyfriend, Yeah, I did Botox. He was like, you did Botox?! And I’m like oh, let me tell you something. So I bring up all my friends that are influencer and I’m like Botox, lips, Botox, Botox Botox. He’s like, what?! I always think of that lady… what is her name, she’s in Cinderella Story and she is always like the poster child for bad Botox.

Jenny: oh….

Delaney: Like with the really overfilled cheeks…

Alfie: Yeah, I don’t know her name. I don’t know anyone’s name.

Delaney: You know who I’m talking about. I feel like everybody, especially men thinks that’s what it is.

Alfie: For sure.

Jenny: I think it’s a bad brow lift.

Alfie: There’s a lot of stuff going on. There’s a lot of stuff going on… that’s a different episode.

Jenny: That’ll be a different podcast. That’ll be fun.

Alfie: Sometimes surgery’s better… that’s another episode.

Yeah, but I think it’s important for people to feel good and I like that these young people are coming in and just being preventative with their feel goods.

Jenny: And hopefully not overdoing it.

Alfie: Yeah. And we try to reign them in if they… you know.

Jenny: Yeah.

Delaney: Yeah a bit, even if you did isn’t both Botox and Filler dissolvable?

Alfie: Yeah, so Botox just has to run its course. So you know, 3-4 months if you don’t like Botox. Which is not really a thing. Then it wears off. The worst thing about Botox is that you want to keep doing it. Then, filler something if it’s misplaced or whatever we can dissolve it. SO yeah, it’s an easy fix. You’ve got to be careful with dissolver too. You’ve got to go to the right place cause too much can you know, effect your own hyaluronic acid which is you know gives our skin, that moisture and plumpness we are looking for.

Jenny: So it can leave you depleted or more depleted than you were.

Alfie: Yeah, you’ve just got to do your research and… it’s not a Groupon.

Jenny: Or don’t do it at your dentist.

Alfie: Yeah and all these young girls too are going out and getting the boobs done or their getting liposuction. Y’all, the first thing people see is your face, this is your money maker.

Jenny: Yes, the selfie…

Alfie: So you’ve got to get the face going before they can see the rest of you.

Delaney: Yeah, I feel like you could just test it out with Botox or fillers because it’s dissolvable. It’s…

Alfie: And even if you don’t need that. Come in, let’s talk about skincare. It’s all important. You should all be taking care of your skin inside and out. You know? And the best way to do that at home is skincare. So, millennials are better than people my age at coming in and asking, do I need a retinol, do I need a sunscreen, what face stuff do I need? You know.

Delaney: I need to do that.

Jenny: Yes, come see us.

Delaney: I am making an appointment after this.

Alfie: Just come with me, I’m coming back.

Delaney: I feel like it’s interesting because like the more the 90’s boobs were the thing.

Jenny: Giant Pamela Anderson boobs.

Delaney: Paper thin, big boobs…and now I feel like the huge lips were in but then Kylie got her lips dissolved. It’s kind of amazing how much what she does sets the tone for everybody.

Jenny: So much Kardashian influence.

Alfie: For sure. And now it’s cheeks.

Jenny: Yeah, which you’ve got to be careful with.

Alfie: Yeah, I just saw… I’m not even going to say it but I was like wow, that is not okay. All of these women are just over doing it.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s not normal to have these big balls on your face… that sounds bad. For some, maybe it is.

Alfie: But now, its boobs, butt and lips. Right? And now we are moving into cheeks.

Delaney: What do you think.. I mean this is a little off topic but like with butt and boobs …

Alfie: Everything is on topic.

Delaney: Alfie is all knowing. I am sorry.

Alfie: No, you’re good.

Delaney: Like with butt, with the injections…. I feel like I would never do it just because I hear about the risk. Also now with boobs there’s all this talk, with breast implant illness.

Jenny: Yes, there’s so much on that. Honestly, I haven’t done it and I actually don’t think I ever will just because I already have some health issues and I’m like I don’t think I’m a good candidate.

Delaney: Yeah, I’m freaked out by it.

Jenny: Not to say that it can happen. But you hear a lot more about that right now.

Alfie: Yeah, and those things are important. And it’s also important that that’s… if you do have any health issues or you do have a lower immune system you should talk to your doctor or provider before you do any of these things because it is all a thing. It does matter. The butt injections, you better be going to somebody that knows what they’re doing so that it is safe. I have heard horror stories about pretty much everything. And still, I know a lot of providers that do what I do and all of us want the best for our patients. And you know, the ones that I know and love are appreciate colleagues or what not. But there are people in the world that you know that Dr. Death. Oh my gosh, that just haunts my dreams.

Jenny: Creepy…I know.

Delaney: What is that?

Alfie: It’s about this doctor that hurt all these people but…

Jenny: Not plastic surgery.

Alfie: Not plastic surgery.

Jenny: But you hear those horror stories. I see one pop up at least once a week.

Alfie: You want to go to someone that really cares about you.

Jenny: It’s a lot of the ones that people go overseas too. They go to Tijuana.

Delaney: Again, people trying to do the cheapest thing. I feel like thats a thing amongst Instagram models. They are like I went and got my butt done in Columbia because it was so cheap.

Jenny: and that’s where you like hear about the deaths.

Alfie: Cheap and butt doesn’t belong in the same sentence either. It’s not a thing.

Delaney: Don’t do it…

Jenny: Kim didn’t go Groupon her butt.

Alfie: No, she didn’t ..that is her money maker.

Delaney: What are the biggest risks with injectables?

Alfie: The biggest risks for patient and provider is what is called an occlusion. Where a vessel would get occluded and it can cause tissue death or death of the skin where it turns black and dies. Or blindness, there’s a lot of risks with these kinds of things. But, those are like the big risks. You know, you need to go to somebody that knows the anatomy, knows what they are doing, is really educated, has a lot of training.

Delaney: I just remember that you explained this to me when I did my non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Alfie: Right.

Delaney: Which we talked about it in another episode where they inject filler into your nose to straighten it out. And that’s the cool thing about you, Alfie and Utah Facial Plastics if I can just plug you guys for a second. But this is really how I feel. When I went to the doctor in Atlanta, he’s like lets do it, no big deal, lets just go for it. I’m like wait, wait. And he’s like not explaining anything to me.

Jenny: Needles in your face, no big deal.

Delaney: Yeah, exactly. And just went for it. And then, I feel like with you like you were just honest about you know, this is a little bit of a higher risk area like if I do see any signs of this happening, I’m going to dissolve it immediately.

Alfie: Right.

Delaney: And I feel like that just put me at ease. Like okay, if anything were to go wrong, you know what you’re doing and you’re aware of those risks and you’re not just trying to sugar coat it like, no, no, you’re going to be fine. Like, you let me know that there is a risk to what I’m doing.

Alfie: Yeah and it is important. It’s so important. It’s the first thing I tell patients. And really, it can happen to anybody, the best surgeon, injector… like it can happen to anybody, you know? So, it’s very important to know that anything that you do has risk involved. And so, is it worth that?

Jenny: Yeah. Who are you seeing and who are they with? Like Alfie is an amazing nurse injector but we also have facial plastic surgeons at our location. Where if something major to happen, we’ve got two physicians there.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: Verses going to your local hair salon for Botox injections. You know?

Alfie: Yeah, Right. It is scary, it is scary out there. And it’s such a competitive huge market… because its amazing. It’s so amazing to be in this industry and to be able to do what we do. So many people want to do it, but you need to be with the right people that know what they are doing and that have…

Jenny: Training and experience, yeah.

Alfie: Yeah, Yeah.

Delaney: So obviously if you live in Utah, go to Utah Facial Plastics. But, if you’re listening to this outside of Utah…

Alfie: Come to Utah Facial Plastics.

Delaney: Yeah, fly out. Book a hotel ASAP.

Alfie: Yeah and we have that too.

Jenny: We do.

Delaney: But if they were going to go somewhere where they live, what are some red flags that you would look for? Like, you know, like you said getting your Botox done at a hair salon… that would be a little bit of a red flag to me.

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: It might be an immediate red flag.

Alfie: Well, firstly to your research on like occlusions and things like that. And ask your provider do you have the things in office to reverse or to dissolve. You know, some places may not… Dissolvent is expensive and so make sure they have it before you even get injections at all, anywhere. You know say, If something goes wrong do you have something that can dissolve it. And if they don’t , don’t get injected there. And do you know the procedures, you know, how to reverse this and do you have these things in your office.

And you know, if you’re getting surgery, do you guys have a crash cart and all your medical things that you need. You know, it’s really about research and knowing…

Jenny: And what your training and background is. Who were do trained by?

Alfie: Yeah, but have to have all those things in the office if it takes place.

Jenny: And I think too, it helps to go somewhere where they offer a variety of treatments. Because if you go to a place that offers maybe two or three things, they are going to pitch and hole you no matter what your concern is. They’re going to offer you those two or three things because that’s what they have and they are making money. So, they might just stick with non-surgical even when you need surgery just because that’s all they have. You know, so I feel like we have that benefits.

Alfie: That is so nice too when I see a patient and I’m like filler is not going to help you, or Botox. You need to see a surgeon, you need to have surgery… it’s the only thing. Sometimes surgery keeps you looking like yourself more than you think it would. Some of these people that are rally overdone are filler and Botox. They should have had the facelift, the mini-facelift instead of Sculptra or you know, all the…

Jenny: 5 syringes of Juvederm.

Alfie: Right. You need to care about that too because some people are like oh, I just want to look… It’s like you will look more like you if you have the right surgeon or the right injector than you would this way.  And everybody is really different and everybody needs different things. Some people like… there’s Botox, Dysport… what’s the other guy?

Jenny: Xeomin.

Alfie: I can’t even say it..

Jenny: I know, we really don’t use that one.

Alfie: Yeah so we use Botox and Dysport and it’s really just personal preference. It’s like haircare. Where do you go spray tan or whatever. People have personal preference and we able the ability to use a whole bunch of different options in our office.

Delaney: Oooooh…one thing. I don’t know if I heard this from you guys or on a show or something but that there are people coming with the snapchat filter on their face and being like make me look like this.

Jenny: Yes. Snapchat dysmorphia.

Alfie: Isn’t that sad?

Delaney: Has that happened to you?

Alfie: Yeah! Totes!

Jenny: Our surgeons are seeing lots…

Alfie: Yeah, it’s crazy. We kind of do have something for that now, AquaGold.

Jenny: You like your skin.

Alfie: Yeah, for your skin. It gives you a more airbrushed look.

Jenny: We can’t make your eyes bigger and…

Alfie: I can only give you so much of a brow lift, I can’t make you look like a kitty.

Jenny: And we can’t give you dog ears.

Alfie: Kitty…

Jenny: Kitty…

Alfie: Yeah, but it’s sad that…like it’s sad that my kids feel like filters are an important thing. It sad. Like that’s just not like how anybody looks. But yes, we have that in a lot. But we do have AquaGold now I do think that that’s great because it does kind of give you that airbrushed…

Jenny: It makes your skin look…yeah

Alfie: It shrinks the pores, tightens the skin, helps with fine lines.

Delaney: Is it like a facial?

Alfie: It is amazing. It is a combination of Botox, fillers, Vitamin B. Like I make this little cocktail in the office and then I create microchannels in you face, neck, decollete. Decollette is your chest. It’s awesome.

Jenny: She just like punches it in your skin, through just like a tiny vial and they are pure gold little needles.

Alfie: It my favorite treatment now.

Yeah, and so that is giving people a more quote on quote “airbrushed” look. But nobody looks like the kitty filter… geez.

Jenny: But yeah, some people do have that. I think they labeled it a legit kind of mental… you have to kind of screen people out and set expectations.

Alfie: They want to look like they really just don’t. And that’s when it gets into the sadder kind of cases or whatever.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: But, body dysmorphia is a real thing and a lot of people and I think because of Snapchat and Instagram it’s contributing to that by like a lot. And making young kinds and millennials feel like they are not perfect enough.

Delaney: Yeah.

Alfie: I mean, how many times a day do you see a picture that is not filtered? None.

Jenny: Never.

Alfie: How many times do you just send even a picture to your friend that you haven’t filtered or gone through Facetune?

Delaney: Not once.

Alfie: Give me 25 minutes and I’ll send it over.

Jenny: Cause I don’t want you posting this anywhere without a filter.

Delaney: Yup.

Alfie: And you say at the bottom please don’t post this, it’s terrible.

Delaney: Yup. Yup.

Alfie: Please don’t post this.

Delaney: You take all the good photos on your phone and you facetune yourself and you send it out to everybody else.

Jenny: Yes.

Delaney: Life hack.

Alfie: And my friend seriously, she is in charge of pictures so will go through and delete any… and she’s been this way for 30 years but she doesn’t like the picture, it’s not happening. It’s just not happening.

Alfie: No matter how good she looks?

Alfie: She always looks good but she’s like nope, delete it. Nope, delete it, delete it.

Delaney: She’s like holding you hostage until it’s gone.

Alfie: it’s true but now with all the filters and everything you send it to them and you’re like, oh my gosh I look so bad please don’t post it and you took 25 minutes to edit it.  So funny.

Delaney: As sad as it is, like as people wanting to look like Snapchat filters and as sad as the effects of like social media effects have been on us. At the same time, I will say that right now the big thing with influencers is the conversation about how we need to be more real and open about things.

Alfie and Jenny: Yeah!

Delaney: I think that is so cool. That now, I really feel like it all stemmed from Kylie Jenner when so finally came out on the show. I did have some things done and ever since then I see influencers that tag you guys or tag their surgeon or whatever and say what they had done. And I think that that is a positive thing.

Alfie: I think it is too. I look completely different than I did 5 years ago. I think, don’t you think I look pretty different?

Jenny: A little different…your lips.

Alfie: Poquito…I mean not completely different.

Jenny: I mean you don’t want to be completely different. You’re still Alfie.

Alfie: I’m still Alfie but I’ve made some enhancements that I… makes me feel better about myself. Like I had hollowing under my eyes, I don’t have that anymore. You know, I’ve.. my lips, I couldn’t even wear chapstick. Little things like that is like we need to be open about it. I feel better about myself than I did then.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yeah.  And I remember walking into Utah Facial Plastics for my interview like oh man, I’m the ugly duckling in this office I’m never going to get this job. Everybody in there is like a knockout.

Jenny: Nobody wants people to feel that way.

Delaney: No!

Alfie: I’ll just leave, I’ll pack my stuff. Just kidding I called them everyday for a week until they hired me. But… I did. I did.

Jenny: It worked.

Alfie: It worked.  And now I don’t feel that way anymore. So, it is about people you surround yourself with too. We’ve got a pretty good crew.

Jenny: Yeah, we do. Like you saying with being open about it. I have friends now and I’m 37 and I’ve been working here for 13 years. I’ve been doing Botox for ever. Largely just because it was at my job and I had to kinda know about it. Now they’re like… not that they’re jealous of the way I look but they’re like, “I’m getting wrinkles and you don’t have them”. And I’m like I’ve had Botox for like almost 15 years. I think it’s good to be totally open about it.

Alfie: and talk about it. Yeah. Let people know.

Delaney: And you don’t have to be necessarily but I like how the stigma is being changed.

Alfie: Yes

Delaney: I grew up in a pretty religious family and I feel like when I was younger I looked at these kind of things as you know, worldly or vain or things like that. I go to you guys but at least at Utah Facial Plastics I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong or bad or I’m too into myself.

Jenny: Right.

Delaney: Like I’m just making some natural adjustments

Jenny: Right.

Alfie: and it all comes back to feeling good about ourselves. We are not the bodies that our spirits hold, you know they are just a vessel that’s holding on to our spirits and souls for now but we should kind of look good while doing it.

Jenny: And I feel like it’s like anything else. You can take too far. Any good thing can be taken too far. So you do have to watch that but it’s not like its a bad thing. You just have to. Sugar, alcohol, whatever.

Alfie: Moderation.

Jenny: Moderation. Everything in moderation.

Alfie: That’s right.

Delaney: So, in conclusion there isn’t anything wrong with pre-juvenation. Am I saying that right?

Jenny: Pre-juvenation, yeah.

Alfie: It’s so good. Pre-juvenate people, not rejuvenate.

Jenny: It’s the thing.

Delaney: What was your thing? Don’t let it drop…

Alfie: Keep it off the floor.

Delaney: Keep it off the floor.

Alfie: No. Keep the face tight, young and youthful. Come in and talk about it. Let’s talk about it.

Jenny: Awesome. Well, for more information you can visit us at or follows us over on Instagram at Utahfacialplastics. Let us know if you have any questions on  topics. We would love to answer them and some future podcast. Thanks for joining.

Delaney: Guys, they are the best. Please go see Utah Facial Plastics. You guys have changed my life and my face.










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