Why Lasers are Getting The Love

The holiday bustle is very quickly approaching. This has many people focused on finding the perfect gifts, on balancing festivities with fabulous self-care, and also, very vaguely, on their appearance. We don’t think that most people are worrying much about how they look while out shopping and preparing for their holidays. We do, however, think that concerns like sunspots and wrinkles might be noticed a little more during those brief glances in the mirror. We’re here to say that the signs of aging don’t have to continue to be a problem. Laser treatments provide quick and progressive improvement.

Skin: Peeling Back the Layers

Ok, we don’t mean to sound aggressive here. Laser treatment no longer literally peels off layers of dermal tissue. What we mean to say is that the skin has layers, and the aging of each will provoke specific changes.

The uppermost layer of skin is the epidermis. This layer is responsible for combating environmental damage. It does so with keratinocyte cells. Beneath the epidermis is the dermis, a layer of connective tissue that contains collagen, elastin, and other proteins. The deepest layer of the skin is subcutaneous tissue that we know more directly as fat. While the epidermis protects, the dermis supports firmness and elasticity. The subcutaneous layer of skin provides plumpness.

With age, the epidermis suffers from all the environmental stress it has endured. This layer of the skin thins out. The cells that produce collagen and elastin slow down, degrading the dermis and the firmness and flexibility of the skin. Finally, the subcutaneous layer of fat degrades, with some fatty tissue drooping down from the mid-face to the jawline. Can this be stopped? Maybe not entirely, but it can be managed.

Lasers to the Rescue

WebMD has called fractional laser resurfacing one of the best innovations in laser treatments in recent years. We are pleased to offer this treatment as well as other light treatments to address the signs of aging. It may be sufficient to know that laser treatments diminish photodamage by causing the epidermis to regenerate itself over a few days, but we like to go deeper. During a laser treatment, the wavelengths of light that are emitted travel deeply through the three layers of the skin. Light gets absorbed by the mitochondria that fuel cells. This stimulates new cell growth and new collagen and elastin production, a healing cascade that brings new life to the skin.

Our Draper and Layton offices feature several devices and techniques to help you get your glow on. Discover the best treatment for you by scheduling a consultation at (801) 776-2220.

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