GTU: National Botox Day & Black Friday Specials

Nicea: So there’s a day to celebrate just about everything. But today we are really celebrating. It’s the first ever national botox cosmetic day. Jenny is here, Syd is here from Utah Facial Plastics to share some exciting discounts. So thank you for letting me take about your sunscreen and cute Trish that did my facial.

Jenny: Oh, thank you.

Reagan: Who is basically like a therapist.

Nicea: She is! We’ve had a lot of…

Reagan: She’s like talking to you about your life as your face gets younger.

Nicea: Talking about your skin.

Jenny: She so sweet. Very… Yeah, she’s the best.

Nicea: But today we’re talking Botox. This is the first ever, I can’t believe it took this long to have a day.

Jenny: Yeah! Its kinda funny but Botox has its own day now.

Reagan: Well it used to be like, I’m getting  Botox and now its like I’m getting Botox today, everyone.

Jenny: Its national Botox day. So today, just starting this year… first ever you can get $200 in Botox for $100 and I think the site is kind of having some issues right now cause its so popular. But if you go to you can purchase that offer. So it’s a really good deal.

Reagan: That’s half off.

Jenny: That’s half off, yeah.

Nicea: Syd, how do you know if you need Botox? And if you’ve been thinking about it, the area that you can maybe have that done?

Syd: Yeah, so if you’ve got lines in your forehead, crows feet, you know… that scowl line that we all have. Yeah, basically if you just have those forehead lines you can get Botox.

Reagan: And if someone hasn’t tried it before and they’re thinking, maybe I’m inspired on national Botox day. How long does it last for most people?

Syd: Three to four months average. Some people can get a little bit longer out of it but that’s about average.

Nicea: So, I’m a raiser like this person. When you talk right, you’re a scowler or a raiser…

Syd: Yes.

Nicea: and I raise my eyebrows. Those lines were so deep…

Syd: Yeah

Nicea: and I cant believe the difference just a few injections made.

Syd: Yeah and then if you have deep line too you know… you want to stick with it because it has to soften those lines over time.

Jenny: Its like Brian. Brians looking great! His Botox.

Reagan: It took us a while to convince him and finally you got him in.

Nicea: A long while.

Reagan: I’m the eleven. I have the elevens.

Jenny: It took one time.

Nicea: You’re a frowner…

Reagan: I guess I’m maybe concerned sometimes.

Nicea: Yes, thank you for your concern.

Jenny: You’re concerned, you care.

Reagan: I’m concerned for all of you. But that does help right there.

Nicea: You don’t want to look angry. Concerned is fine, angery is not. How important is it to find that right person to do your Botox?

Syd: Very important.

Nicea: Why?

Syd: Because you want to make sure they’ve been training and they’ve had the proper schooling.

Jenny: It looks natural…

Syd: Natural.

Jenny: Safe. Because things can go wrong. People think you can get it anywhere and you can but that’s going to increase your risk of I mean there’s blindness, there are things that can happen.

Reagan: Well, I’ve heard of Botox parties and things that have gone wrong.

Jenny: hmmm… yeah.

Reagan: and I know you guys actually have to do some fixing, some correcting in your office.

Jenny: We do. We do. We get a lot of that. We have two facial plastic surgeons, so we consider ourselves to be a specialist. They are able to be there if anything happens and they definitely know that anatomy really well, they’ve trained our  injectors and are just really good.

Nicea: Jenny, you said the key word I think everyone wants to hear is natural.

Jenny: Yes.

Nicea: You said that.

Jenny:  Yes.

Nicea: Is Botox natural? Can it look natural?

Jenny: It can be, yeah. And everybody wants a different results but it can be very natural. If you do the right amount in the right places.

Syd: You can still make expressions as well.

Jenny: Yeah, you can still move.

Syd: But, it’s just softening out those lines.

Reagan: It takes about 5 to 7 days to settle in but you can do it in just a few minutes and go back to work, go home. It doesn’t look like you even did it.

Jenny: Nobody would know. Nobody would know.

Nicea: Good Night’s sleep. That’s what it looks like.

Reagan: Exactly.

Nicea: Black Friday’s coming up.

Jenny: Black Friday. So were actually doing $9.99 per unit of Botox. Normally $12, for all of December. So we are really excited about that.

Reagan: Merry Christmas to everyone.

Jenny: Merry Christmas to everybody. And you can do that in combination with the gift card of the $200 for $100.

Reagan: What a great gift for someone in your life too.

Jenny: Yeah.

Reagan: I mean because that’s something you sometimes wouldn’t totally spend on yourself which you actually should. But that would be a really great gift.

Nicea: So, text “BLACK FRIDAY” to that number on your screen purchase. You can also go to their website or give them a call at Utah Facial Plastics. They have two different locations, one in Draper and Layton. The phone number on your screen. Reagan and I will be playing on the TV set talking about…

Reagan: We sure will. As you’re walking into the lobby.

Nicea: Or we may be in getting Botox.


Jenny: You’ll hear them somewhere, we love it!

Nicea: Thanks you two for being here.

Jenny: Thank you for having us.



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