PODCAST: Bloggers and Botox Part 2

Jenny: Welcome to Facial Aesthetics Unmasked. We’re super excited, we have @momcrushmonday here with us again today. If you didn’t hear it, you need to hear our bloggers and Botox.

Destiny: Yes.

Jenny: That was good. That was some good like blogger drop deets.

Destiny: Blogger gems, yes.

Jenny: Blogger gems…

Destiny: Yeah, check it out.

Jenny: Blogger gems, I love it.

Alfie: Pearls…

Jenny: Pearls. We talked about Botox and scrotox and…

Destiny: Brotox.

Jenny: Brotox.

Destiny: All the tox.

Jenny: I know, what else can we come up with? I keep thinking of more names.

Alfie: How long is the show?

Jenny: Hoetox? Can Hoetox be a thing?

Destiny: It can be whatever… trademark it.

Jenny: Trademark it… You know, we are going to start…

Alfie: Hoetox

Jenny: asking people if they are coming in for the hoetox.

Alfie: We can do the ho ho-tox.

Destiny: You can do like a whole Christmas thing. Ho Ho Ho-tox.

Jenny: Yeah. Or we’ll just say Hoetox behind their backs. No, we won’t. We love everybody.

Alfie: Totes love everybody

Destiny: I definitely do.

Jenny: So we actually aren’t talking about Botox today. We are talking about lip fillers because it’s so popular. I feel likes it’s probably the most popular thing well, next to Botox.

Destiny: Thanks to Kylie Jenner.

Jenny: Yes.

Alfie: It’s the thing that you know, makes you age youthful.

Jenny: By the way, that’s Alfie Symes nurse injector at Utah Facial Plastics.

Alfie: Hi!

Jenny: And we have Jeanna here too.

Jeanna: Hi, there.

Jenny: And seriously you guys do tons of lips, tons of Botox .

Alfie: Tons!

Jenny: So what do you think… well first of all do you like doing lips?

Alfie: It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Jeanna: Absolutely.

Jenny: Okay.

Alfie:  I used to have no lips, none. Like I couldn’t even wear chapstick.

Jenny: You didn’t…your before and afters kill me.

Jeanna: I want to see before and afters of yours.

Jenny: you will die.

Alfie: I’ve done them over the past five years…

Jeanna: Building them up over time.

Alfie: And it’s so fun. I’ve even changed the shape of them.

Destiny: Wow! You’re a wizard. I always tell you, you are a wizard.

Alfie: And I realized they were too big and took some out, reshaped them and now they are better.

Destiny: Beautiful.

Alfie: We’ll get to that.

Jenny: We’ll get to that. But, yeah, So lip filler… can it go I think some people when they hear that they are like oh well I’ll just Groupon it, you know?

Alfie: Oh goodness.

Jenny: I feel like lips out of anything can go really awry.

Jeanna: Absolutely.

Alfie: Yes, especially… yeah it can pretty. And cheap and Botox, cheap and filler are just like cheap and sushi. They don’t belong in the same sentence.

Jenny: Yes.

Alfie: So don’t be Groupon…

Jeanna: Don’t be Grouponing your face

Destiny: Don’t be cheap with your injections. And it’s like getting a tattoo. You’re not going to go. Well I’ve done that once and it’s been my biggest regret and I got a tattoo and someone was all, did you get that in jail? I was like no, I’ve never been to jail.

Jenny: Stop! Did they really?

Destiny: It’s really terrible. You can see, look, its bad!

Jeanna: i’m not quite sure it looks like a jail tat but…

Destiny: It looks like a jail tat. But like with your lips, if you’re Grouponing it you might come out with…

Jenny: you can tell.

Destiny: You can tell. You might have that hoetox!

Jenny: Hoetox! You got hoetox lips.

Alfie: hoetoxed….

Jeanna:  And you still spend a good amount of money to not have it look the best.

Jenny: Exactly. You paid to look like a weirdo.

Alfie: Yeah…

Jenny: I think that when i see people out and about.. I’m like ugh…save your money because all i see is lumps.

Destiny: Yup.

Jeanna: Also the safety aspect. You have to go to somebody… you know some of these things have safety concerns with them. You know, there’s risks with everything. So go to somebody that has experience. Newer injectors, you know they may not know how to take care of something if something goes bad or something goes wrong.

Jenny: Right.

Jeanna: So cosmetically, don’t Groupon your face for that reason  but for safety.

Jenny: No, you’re right.

Destiny: Don’t do that and don’t medspa hop too much. Like find your groove, find an injector that you like and stick with them because I, you know left Alfie and I went somewhere else and I came back with a whole dip in my lip. And i stayed with the dip in my lip for a whole three years because I was like i don’t… two years. I don’t know what to do. So and that was medspa hopping so i think that was a big concern for a lot of people.

Jenny: Yeah… stick to somebody who knows your face.

Destiny: Yep!

Jenny: Can kind of do their thing consistently.

Jeanna: And knows what you’ve had done and where.

Jenny: Yeah!

Jeanna: Because I have a lot of people that come in and they are like well, my under-eyes are puffy and I ask them well, what product did you use? How long ago was it? And they don’t know all of those answers.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s so true.

Jeanna: So, that would help me a lot to know what was put there, when, how much. But they don’t know those answers.

Jenny: They don’t even know if the filler was like ordered from China.

Jeanna: Exactly.

Destiny: That’s a thing?

Alfie: oh, yeah!

Jenny: Oh, totally. Black label… Black label, that’s what you call them, right?

Alfie: Yeah, luckily I was able to dissolve it so it was an actual HA but…

Destiny: So can I ask a question? Do you know if someone has used black label filler of any sort?

Alfie: No.

Jeanna: Only if they tell you.

Alfie: Only if they tell you. But I had a patient inject herself, which is also super, super, super scary. And please do not do that, people. You can blind yourself, you could cause necrosis which is the death of your skin.

Jenny: We’ve seen it.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: We have seen these things happen to people.

Alfie: Yeah, there’s some stories. And please do not order filler online and do it yourself.

Jeanna: Right.

Jenny: Or go somewhere where it’s questionable, where its cheaper. It’s definitely cheaper.

Alfie: There are so many amazing injectors in Utah, like there are a ton of them like they are colleagues.

Jenny: For every good one there’s probably like 20 bad.

Alfie: Exactly. For every quality colleague that I have, there’s another you know a shop, dark down the ally whatever don’t go there, There are plenty of really reputable, amazing places with good reviews. Obviously, we want you to come to us but there’s love for everyone. Yeah, just go somewhere where you know that they are going to take really good care of you. And, also can tell you no, if you need to hear no.

Jenny: Yeah. Which I think is most rare.

Alfie: Yeah,

Jenny: Because there are so many injectors here in Utah. They are all pushing for business.

Jeanna: Yes. And a lot of them, they are just wanting more money.

Jenny: Yeah! They want to be busy. So they are willing to just put you in the chair and do…

Jeanna: They’ll up sell you even if it’s something that you don’t need rather than saying, you don’t need that. I get a lot of women naturally that have come in and they have too much cheek filler. That’s one of the first ones that I notice, is too much cheeks. It really kind of alienates their face. And they’ll want more because they think, I want more lift, I want more lift. They know it can do that. But I say, you know, the lift is it worth it? You’re already at the point where you have enough. I say it nice, I’m not going to say you’ve already got too much.

Destiny: You’re overdone.

Jeanna: Yeah. And that’s my nice way of saying you’re got enough, I’m not going to touch it. And maybe they go out the door and maybe they go to somebody else. But I’m not going to put my name on that.

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: and give them more filler when they don’t need it.

Jenny: Which is awesome.

Alfie: Yeah, the great thing about Utah Facial Plastics is once you do reach a certain level and Jeanna and I cannot help you any longer, we have two amazing facial plastic surgeons that take that and go to the next level with you. And whether that be you know, right before surgery there’s certain things that they do or a surgery. But you know we have enough people and all the things in the office where we can really get you the most natural results.

Jeanna: Right, for all the concerns.

Jenny: We’re not like oh, yeah all we offer are fillers… that’s all we are going to recommend. We have like a range of things.

Destiny: I think, you know in certain places that that’s all that they do offer is filler. So of course they are going to push that on you. I really like that like how you said we offer… we have two plastic surgeons. You can go to them once you reach a certain level and we can come back and prevent it. But you’re not looking like I think you called in an Instagram face…

Jenny: Instagram face

Destiny: right.

Jenny: Yeah!

Destiny: And you’re getting nip tucks where you need them but just not overfilling, overdoing certain areas of your face that don’t need to be done.

Jenny: Right. Cause non-surgical always sounds like the best idea but its not.

Jeanna: When surgical is what you need

Jenny: Yeah and sometimes surgery can be less expensive, it can be all these things people don’t think of surgery.

Alfie: more natural, yeah.

Destiny: Exactly

Jenny: And I think the natural starts with the surgeons we work for because they are very conservative.

Alfie: Very natural, very conservative. And what one  person like Destiny has big, beautiful lips but he lips wouldn’t look good on somebody else’s face, you know?

Jenny: Exactly.

Alfie: Everybody is so different. You cant… you can come in with a picture and i love the pictures, please keep bringing them in. It helps me kind of figure out what you want. But then it can create a conversation where we need to back up a little bit or educate or whatever and we can get to a certain level but you’re never going to have that on your face.

Jeanna: Those specific lips.

Jenny: Right.

Destiny: Or too much too fast.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: building over time is big.

Alfie: That’s definitely… once your lips get so full, the filler doesn’t even go where I want it to go. It goes to where there’s room for it. So, that is huge. In fact, I try to slow my patients roll pretty quickly and I won’t ever do more than one syringe. Sometimes that’s too much. If they’ve already had filler before, if they have really small lips. Like it took me two and a half years… two and a half, three years to get mine…

Jeanna: To build them?

Alfie: Yeah, to build them. That’s a long time for some people but patience is definitely needed in this area.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s so true, What do you say? You always say… do you say it’s a marathon, not a race?

Alfie: Yeah. not a sprint.

Jenny: not a sprint! That’s the perfect way…

Alfie: It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Jeanna: Really. Slow and steady.

Jenny: Yes.

Alfie: You know, people that have had their lips done at first it’s kinda… they are kinda hard. You know that filler is still integrating into your tissue and then in a couple weeks it softens but if you do too much it can stay hard for a little while. And I don’t want to see you until they soften  because you’re not going to get the best result.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: That’s a good point.

Alfie: But lips are so pretty and we really can do… we’ve got the “baby lip plump” now and women are coming in at an older age and you cant even… it just restores that pretty vermilion border around the… you know It fills in the lines. Like our lips kind of start collapsing on us as we age.

Jenny: So maybe talk about that. The different products available for different things you can do for the lips.

Alfie: Yeah and so now, you know the “baby lip plump” is super subtle. It’s impossible to overdo it with this filler.

Jeanna: Which I think that seems to work really great starting with people with really small lips, even women as they are aging and they are nervous to have…  you know, too big of lips.

Jenny: Yeah…

Destiny: Speaking about collapsing lips… my mom is like a smoker and she rests her cigarette on her lips so she has like a hole… like a cigarette indent in her lip. And so I’m going to be sending her in because I’m like you need to get that filled. Like I don’t want to see that.

Jenny: Aww, momma.

Destiny: I don’t! So speaking about that there’s different… you might want a “baby lip plump” but if you rest your cigarettes on your lip you may have a problem.

Jenny: Don’t do that.

Destiny: Don’t do it.

Jenny: First thing, don’t do that.

Alfie: And like the momma or grandmas even, whatever. You know we all just want to look good and feel good no matter what age we are, even when we’re eighty we want to be rockin. And we want to be feeling good for our husbands or whatever… for ourselves. And it’s really subtle and it’s just like restoring that volume. It’s not going to add any extra volume.

Jeanna: Replacing what you’re losing.

Alfie: Yes!

Jeanna: I think what a lot of people don’t realize you know, they are losing volume in certain places of their face but they don’t really realize they are losing volume in their lips. I always say picture, you know, your grandma, your great grandma. Picture a ninety year old. She doesn’t have full lips anymore. And so, we’re really losing volume there and so if we can just replace that, it keeps you looking more youthful.

Destiny: Are you lips done?

Jeanna: Yes.

Destiny: They are amazing.

Jeanna: Thank you.

Destiny: Yeah. Do you have the “Baby Lip Plump”?

Jeanna: Well… I’ve done some Juvederm and this last time I did Volbella. So more of the subtle plump.

Jenny: So who does yours? Do you do… should I… you  know.

Jeanna: Alfie’s done it and I’ve attempted to do it myself but it’s really hard to get the angles. I mean Alfie does great. She’s just in Draper and I’m in Layton so meeting up is hard. But then still I just can’t get the angles to do it myself. So, Alife’s my girl.

Jenny: You’ve filled your own before. Have you filled your own? I feel like I’ve walked in on you.

Alfie: The only person that has filled them is me. Well, Dr. Thompson did them once but when we first started… when I first started it was just me and Dr. Thompson and so he was always where I wasn’t. If he was in Layton, I was in Draper. So I just got used to doing my own Botox and my own filler and I always have.

Jenny: That’s so funny.

Destiny: You are a DIY type of girl if you know what I mean.

Jeanna: But thats okay. Alfie can do it herself because she knows safety, she knows how to do it right, she know if there was something that happened…

Destiny: Well and I trust her.

Alfie: I’ve just never had anybody there to do it.

Jeanna: Right.

Alfie: You know, so… I’m just like occupational hazard.

Jenny: Its survival.

Destiny: Survival…

Jenny: Yes.

Jeanna: It’s necessary.

Destiny: Absolutely. If you know injections, you know what we are talking about.

Jeanna: Once you’ve seen how good it works, it is necessary.

Jenny: It is!

Alfie: It really is.

Jenny: And the lips kind of give you like that sensual kind of, you know… kind of feeling.

Destiny: Yes.

Alfie: Yeah, it really does. And like Jeanna said, once you do know it’s like everybody comes in and they are just like so worried and I always say, one of the biggest problems with Botox and filler is once you start, you will never stop. Because it is life.

Jenny: You will stifle cash away

Alfie: it is a pedicure, it is a manicure, it is getting your hair done, its getting your roots done, its getting your eyelashes, it is your brows, it is life.

Jeanna: Yup! And I always tell people the best way to do it… Botox you know how long it lasts, this is the best way to do it. But then obviously to each their own, your budget, your lifestyle. Do what you can. But it’s all about education and knowing how well it works. That realistically if you could do it every three months, you’d want to. You’ll never have those lines deeper.

Jenny: You’re so right! That’s so true. So what do you say… cause I feel like we hear all the time people are like oh, I don’t want to look, I don’t want those big fake lips, you know they talk about their best friend and they don’t want to tell her…Well I guess we kind of talked about it, to go slow.

Jeanna: Well, I think another big one I always tell people that eases their minds… obviously they picture the word, maybe they think I don’t know that the lips are huge. But I start off by telling that person literally probably has like ten syringes in their lips over time to look like that. So, the thing that calms them down the most is I say, one syringe you can do great things with it  but its 1 mL which is a fifth of a teaspoon. I could not make your lips look massive and unnatural with a teaspoon… or a fifth of a teaspoon if I tried.

Alfie: Right.

Jenny: That’s a good point.

Jeanna: It eases their mind and they are like oh, okay… that’s fine.

Jenny: They think they are going to shoot me up.

Destiny: I also think it’s really interesting how the human brain works like if you want something done, you’re going to think of 500 hundred reasons why you shouldn’t get it done and the worse case scenario. So it’s going to go to like what you said someone who had maybe like a botched experience and took it way too far, instead of like okay well let’s look at these Angelina Jolie lips.

Jenny: Yes!!

Destiny: This is where we want to be and just it will trick you to say, I don’t want to get this done before she had a really horrible experience.

Jenny: Because of that one person.

Destiny: Just because of that one person.

Jenny: That’s so true. Its like that, yeah with everything.

Jeanna: And that’s why our Instagram… I always.. Often will pull up Instagram in a consultation with somebody and i’ll say these lips, you know had this much to ease their mind and they can see before and after pictures. And they will say, okay….

Jenny: That is so good.

Jeanna: I trust you, you know. I explain a little bit to them and they’ll trust you.

Alfie: To get bigger lips, you’re going to need a few syringes and you’re not going to get that first time. And then also, you’re going… they do go down a lot because you do swell and you can bruise. So they don’t look the same the day you get them done as they do two weeks later.

Jenny: And some people like that and some people are like no, I want them back to …

Alfie: They want more.

Jenny: Swelling that I felt. I don’t want to miss out on this though. What is your Instagram page because your lips are amazing and people are going to want to look at it. Your Instagram handle.

Jeanna: Do I like my own lips? I don’t know if I… oh ok.

Jenny: What is your own page?

Jeanna: It @jeanna_nurse_injector

Jenny: They do look really good. That’s a good point. You could just pull them up and be like…

Jeanna: That’s what I do with people that are nervous. They will say, my husband he doesn’t want me to get lip filler. He doesn’t want me to look horrible and them be huge. And I explain how much a syringe is and show them to pictures and say you’re not going to look unnatural.

Jenny: They are not. Isn’t it so funny how so many people say that? And then they’ll be like my husband didn’t even notice.

Alfie: Exactly.

Jenny: One of the first time I did it… when I started working, I mean this was years ago. But my husband, he was like don’t touch your lips, you know he was really nervous and he knew I wanted to go lip filler and I think I told him I had an ink stain on my lip when it was a bruise. He was fine with that. He was fine with that answer.

Jeanna: Did he notice that were more full or plump?

Jenny: No. Nope, didn’t even notice.

Destiny: So how did you come around? Like when did he you know find out you were like a lover of lip injections?

Jenny: I think I came around to like… I just got older. And I’m like no, this is my face, this makes me happy, I still love you.

Jeanna: He saw you on Instagram being injected by Alfie.

Jenny: Probably!

Destiny: He’s like I ran into this Instagram and you were on there.

Jenny: Yeah, he’s given up. He’s coming home… he’s come home to me with stitches in my eyelids.

Jeanna: It’s because you are gorgeous! He’s like I accept you, I know you do this now, Its great, keep it up.

Jenny: I think he’s given up. He’s probably just given up like okay, she’s doing this? Alright!

Destiny: He’s like she’s hott, its fine.

Jenny: No, no. But i want to hear, Destiny tell us more about how you made the decision to get lip filler? Or what kind of made you want to do that?

Destiny: Let’s see… where did we… like Alfie, where did we start?I feel like I started getting lip filler just to kind of fill in my bottom lip. Like I wanted that pout. So we started with my bottom lip and…

Alfie: You were so scared.

Destiny: I was? I was really scared. Okay. So super scared I guess about it and then what I loved about them like what I was talking about not doing too much too soon. Is I like changed my shape, you know? And it’s kinda like a hairstyle, like I want my top lip to be bigger next year and next year, I want my bottom lip to be bigger. It’s so fun to just customize your face.

Jenny: And you totally can. Thats whats amazing is you can with all the different fillers and the different techniques.

Destiny: Yeah

Alfie: We went really slow on your lips.

Destiny: Very slow.

Alfie: Like super, super slow.

Destiny: I still have videos from like the first time you did my lips and like you said…

Jeanna: “Baby plump”?

Destiny: “Baby lump” and it was so pretty and um… so. Yeah, that’s where I started at.

Jenny: They look amazing.

Destiny: Thank you.

Jeanna: They do. Very delicious.

Destiny: And today, actually….

Jenny: It seems like when people get to the point where its too big it’s like their mouth doesn’t move with their face.

Jeanna: It looks hard and like sausage lips.

Jenny: It’s just hard. That’s what it is.

Jeanna: Yeah!

Alfie: Yeah, and then like…

Destiny: How do you get sausage lips?

Alfie: Well, it’s definitely…

Jeanna: Its too much.

Alfie: It’s too much and there’s like shaping lips and everybody’s shapes are different. But if your… like I said just like shoving it in there, just to get them bigger.

Destiny: So if you’re just going to a Groupon and you might just come out with sausage lips. I don’t think people give injectors enough credit…

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: It being an art. Because it is an art. Do you know what I’m saying?We’ve all seen someone who maybe had bad lip injections and it’s an art. So y’all are amazing.

Alfie: Well, thank you.

Jenny: It absolutely is.

Alfie: And there are a lot of things that go into it too. Like you guys if a patient’s had blood thinning, which is so many things. Garlic, caffeine, alcohol, vitamin E, turmeric…

Jeanna: Exercising that day even.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah, I didn’t even think about that.

Alfie: There are so many things that thin your blood that… and if we were to take the skin off, and this is for all you nurse injectors out there cause we all just want to scream from the rooftops sometimes. Like if we took the skin off the face in general, especially the lips. How many vessels there are underneath are, its crazy.

Jeanna: Just plastered with vessels.

Alfie: Just plastered with vessels.

Jenny: That’s scary!

Alfie: Well, that’s why you bruise, that’s why you swelling. Do you know what I mean? But, yeah it is scary. I should be kind of a you know a thing. I pray before every injection.

Jeanna: That’s why you go to somebody with experience.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: Know your safety.

Alfie: But it’s individually how they respond, everybody’s body’s chemistry is different. Everybody… one person is going to swell one way the other person is going to swell this way. Any autoimmune things that they have. Any sickness they have, if they’ve had dental work. There are so many things to consider before you just jump in and are like I want to try lip injections.

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: You’ve got to like be… its an investment and its commitment to your face.

Jenny: And a medical procedure.

Alfie: And a medical procedure.

Jenny: So Jeanna, you said safety. What could go wrong? Like what are some of the… other than them looking weird.

Jeanna: A few… the bigger things. Obviously there’s always risk of infection. We clean you really good to prevent those things but there are a few bigger risks, obviously. If you get filler into a blood vessel you could block blood flow, wherever that blood is going. And you could cause the tissue to die. Like literally the tissue could sluff off and die. And then one of the bigger ones is if you get filler in certain areas if could travel to the back of your eye and cause blindness. Now, I always make sure to tell people you know..  millions of injections have been done in the past twenty plus years. And maybe… I don’t know the exact number, maybe forty cases or something just showing how rare it is…. The blindness thats happened and maybe its more than that but its super rare. But as an injector you just have to know what you’re watching for… symptoms that you’re watching for and how to treat it if there were something wrong.

Jenny: mmkay.

Jeanna: And I think there’s a lot of injectors out there that don’t know what to do if something goes wrong.

Jenny: Yeah!

Alfie: I actually had a patient come in today. She came from another clinic and she had lips done there and the injector apparently told her that she doesn’t like dissolve them.

Jenny: Oh they don’t… so let’s talk about that.

Jeanna: Wow!

Alfie: To reverse lip filler…

Jeanna: She won’t dissolve it??

Alfie: I don’t think she carries it.

Jenny: I bet there are a lot of people…

Jeanna: Well, that’s a safety stir.

Jenny: So you can inject…

Alfie: Yeah, for some reason which its not really like a… but for some reason there was a safety issue or you didn’t like your lips we could reverse the filler with a product. And it’s very important that injectors have that on… with them because if something were to go wrong you need it right away.

Jeanna: Right.

Alfie: So it is reversible. But apparently this certain place or person didn’t carry it.

Jenny: And it’s expensive. So there’s probably a lot of places that don’t or they don’t know what to do with it.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: And you know I don’t want those risks to scare anybody but I like to tell people about it. But I have yet to have one patient tell me I don’t want to have this done now because of it. I explain how rare it is, I explain our education, I explain we know safety, we know how to minimize those risks and we know what to do for it. You know?And even the best injector that maybes been doing this for twenty years, they could still have a complication arise.

Jenny: Yeah, that’s a good point.

Jeanna: But it’s very… its minimal and if you’re educated, you minimize those risks a lot.

Jenny: Right.

Jeanna: And risk you know… I always tell people too if they get nervous about it I say you took a risk driving here in your car today. Like theres risks everywhere.

Jenny: Yeah. I hear doctor Thompson say that a lot.

Jeanna: Yeah, I think I got it from him.

Jenny: Yeah. I hear him say that all the time!

Destiny: He’s so quotable.

Jenny: That’s a good point. Yeah, he really is. Yeah, he says that during a lot of facelift pre ops im realizing. But I mean it’s not… but… anyway. There always risk just getting in the car.

Jeanna: Right.

Jenny: But that’s another thing. Speaking of doctor Thompson we also have doctors on site.

Jeanna: Yup.

Jenny: Which is a big.

Jeanna: And a team of people who you can refer to for things.

Jenny: A team. You can talk about different cases, it’s not just kind of one row person.

Alfie: Yeah and if we can’t help you with filler, they can help you surgically and things like that.

Jeanna: And even just collaborating. Just bouncing ideas off of each other for different things. That’s so nice.

Alfie: Yeah

Jenny: Techniques, going to conferences, yeah…

Alfie: We are super blessed.

Jeanna: For sure.

Jenny: How have things changed over the years?

Alfie: Oh my gosh.

Jenny: With lip options and technique?

Alfie: Oh gosh, so much.

Destiny: And how long have you been doing this, Alfie?

Alfie: I’ve been doing this for five years now at Utah Facial Plastics.

Jenny: Wow, we’re getting old.

Alfie: I know!

Alfie: Definitely like Kylie Jenner trend. You know…

Destiny: Snapchat, maybe?

Jeanna: Huge, full lips.

Jenny: I’m not on Snapchat as much. Are big lips on there?

Destiny: They have these filters that will make your eyes bigger or your nose a little slimmer.

Jenny: Oh, that’s true. Okay.

Destiny: Yeah. So I think the Snapchat you know… just depending on which filter is your choice. Your filter of choice. You may want smoother skin, all those things.

Alfie: And I feel like its kinda balanced out where there’s just like a really good like not one person wants the same thing when they come in for lips anymore. It’s very unique and very tailored to people. Like there a people on one end of the spectrum that are like I just cannot have my husband know that I did this and then there’s the other girl that’s like…

Jeanna: Go bigger, go bigger.

Destiny: Go big or go home, yeah.

So what are requests that you get a lot? Like do you get the “baby lip plump” or maybe I don’t know what its called when the top lip is a little bit bigger than the bottom. Like what are some requests?

Alfie: Like I get a lot of keyhole requests. Like I don’t like a lot of keyhole lips. There are like a lot of heart shaped lips and now lately more like the rounded out sides which isn’t like a traditional lip.

Jeanna: It’s not a very natural look but its…

Alfie: It’s not a very natural look but its coming around.

Jenny: People are asking for that, huh?

Alfie: Yeah. And then you know… I’ve even had people come in and they want this and the next time they want this. That gets tricky the bigger you get with lips. Like i’ve had people come in already overdone or I shouldn’t say that. Just big, and full. And then they wanted to completely change the shape of their lips and that is impossible to do. That would require dissolving some and starting again.

Jeanna: Right.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: And I also feel like people something they have a picture and they want to completely change the shape of your lip. And you can do it so much. I mean you’re working with your natural anatomy that I’m not going to make your lips look exactly like the picture that you have. It’s impossible you know…

Jenny: Yeah.

Alfie: And I love the pictures, I feel like it helps me figure out what they really want.

Jeanna: i think volume wise. You’re like okay you like them that big rather than necessarily the shape.

Alfie: Yeah. I’ll just tell them like you might get close to this but you’re never going to have like this cupids bow or all the things.

Jeanna: Yeah. It’s all about setting up the expectations ahead of time.

Destiny: So is your shape a heart shape? I see like a little heart, maybe.

Alfie: Yeah, I think so.

Destiny: Thats cute.

Alfie: Thank you.

Destiny: I’ve never like actually paid attention to the shape.

Jenny: I thought that too when she said that. I’m like oh, I think…

Destiny: I think I see a heart here.

Jeanna: She’s like that’s what I was going for.

Destiny: Is that what you were going for though?

Alfie: I don’t know.

Jenny: We’ve got to pull your old before

Alfie: Oh my gosh its so crazy. You can’t even tell…

Jenny: We need to do a before and after.

Destiny: Before this podcast drops lets do a before like talk about the shapes.

Jenny: We should!

Alfie: i could not wear Chapstick. I would eat it, before I had lip injections.

Jeanna: Like if you smiled, your lip just disappeared?

Alfie: Yes, seriously.

Jeanna: I need to see this!

Alfie: Top and bottom.

Jenny: When I put on Chapstick, I would eat it.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: It would just go inside.

Alfie: It was so funny.

Jenny: That is so funny. So where do we think things are going? Lip wise. What do you see on social media?

Alfie: more natural.

Jenny: Because Kylie Jenner….

Destiny: Yeah,  didn’t she dissolve hers?

Jenny: She dissolved some.

Destiny: Then it looks like she put some back in, right?

Jeanna: She said she dissolved it. But there’s no way she dissolved it all away if you look at her before pictures.

Jenny: Speaking of before and afters. Hers were kinda how yours were.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah, anyway.

Destiny: She’s like we are not going to talk about this.

Alfie: No, I love it. I think you’re right. I think hers were kinda similar. I feel like mine were even worse. But yeah for sure. But she didn’t dissolve it all. She like…

Jeanna: No.

Alfie: mellowed out and then.

Destiny: I feel like lips are kind of like a hairstyle. Some people really like the bigger top lip which I didn’t know was a thing until my friend was like I want to get mine injected where my top lip is bigger. And I was like, why would you do that? But I see like…

Alfie: It’s a trend.

Destiny: It’s a trend and like you were saying you can kind of change and go with the flow so I think the “baby lip plump” is huge.

Jenny: Yes.

Destiny: Where women just want a little bit fuller but not overdone or not too big.

Jenny: Not too obvious.

Destiny: Not too obvious for their specific face shape.

Alfie: Even women who are just kinda scared. Like they want more volume but at first they are just like, you know…

Jenny: They just want to dip their toes in, right?

Alfie: Right. And then they come back.

Jenny: Test the waters.

Alfie: and they are likeI want a Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Jeanna: Now, give me the full plump. I’m ready.

Jenny: How big can we go?

Jeanna: I’ll take three syringes today.

Jenny: It is so true. And with the… what are some of the most popular lip filler products? Because there’s different things you can do.

Jeanna: Right. Volbella obviously for the “baby lip plump”. Super popular. But I would say the one I use most is Juvederm Ultra.

Jenny: Really?

Jeanna: Yeah. I would say in general that’s what most people come in  knowing.

Jenny: They know Juvederm.

Jeanna: They come in and they say Botox. But they could even be meaning Dysport. But everybody knows Juvederm.

Jenny: Which is just a competing brand that has a similar product. And in some ways, yeah some people like it better. Some people like… yeah, it’s just what works for you.

Alfie: Yeah, I mean we use Restylane and we use Juvederm Ultra Plus. We use Restylane Defyne/ Refyne. It really depends on the person and what they are asking for because it requires different products for different things.

Jeanna: Right.

Jenny: Right. And we’ve heard rumors I mean we are just going to keep getting more and more.

Jeanna: More options, yeah.

Jenny: More options. There’s supposed to be a new exciting one that’s also kind of along the lines of a natural look. That is from the makers of Restylane, it’s called Restylane Hiss. Which is a fun name

Jeanna: It is. It sounds perfect for the lips.

Jenny: It’s already cool! Its being used in Europe and other countries and its apparently really popular. So hopefully we will have it next year.

Jeanna: I’m excited to try it.

Alfie: Yay!

Jenny: It’s a fun part of our job. Is getting to try all the new stuff that comes out.

Alfie: We’re the genuine pigs.

Jenny: Which is why I have bruised right now.

Jeanna: You can’t see it on here.

Jenny: you can’t see us.

Well thank you guys.

Alfie: The spirit world.

Jenny: The spirit world of my bruises and our lips we love our lips, right?

Destiny: We love lips.

Jenny: Thanks to you ladies.

Jeanna: All of us have good lips here. For those of you who can’t see.

Jenny: I know.

Alfie: THey really do like give a face youth, for sure. Even men have started with the lip.

Destiny: Really?

Jenny: We do see more men!

Alfie: Yes, it’s been so fun.

Jenny: Like Trevor Butler.

Jeanna: He’s adorable.

Jenny: He’s got pretty eyes.

Jeanna: Oh my gosh. Everything he comes in I’m like you’re probably sick of hearing this and I’m not just saying it to say it

Jenny: But you’re beautiful.

Jeanna: you’re gorgeous! Like why is your skin so perfect? He just giggles. He’s probably annoyed of me.

Destiny: If I were a guy I would get my lips done. I wouldn’t tell anyone but i’d get them done.

Alfie: He actually has filtered skin.

Jenny: Well I haven’t met him in person so all I see is pictures.

Alfie: He looks exactly the way he does on Instagram.

Jenny: That’s the thing on Instagram. You’re like is that Instagram? Is that a filter?

Jeanna: yeah, I feel like you’d think its a filter but you see him in real life and you’re like oh my gosh you have a filter on your face in real life.

Alfie: Its crazy.

Jenny: Okay, so go check out our page.

Jeanna: And his lips are perfect.

Jenny: Yes! Well go to our page, you’ll find him. Go to @utahfacialplastics see lots of pretty lips from both Jeanna and Alfie and you can see cute @momcrushmonday’s lips. They look so good even though you just did them today.

Destiny: Thank you. I don’t bruise very easily.

Jeanna: Yeah, you don’t have any bruising. They look good.

Destiny: I can even do it without you know I brag about that…

Jeanna: I pulled up Instagram and who is very first? Trevor Butler.

Jenny: Funny!

Alfie: So good.

Destiny: Let me see that.

Jenny: We’ve got connective energy. Maybe we’ll have him on sometime.

Alfie: Yeah, that would be fun.

Destiny: Oh, I think I’ve seen him. Okay, cool.

Jenny: Anyway, stay tuned and I think we’ve got a lip special coming up. A lot of people are asking. So stay tuned for that. For more info go to utahfacialplastics.com and subscribe, rate, review, and all that good stuff. And we will talk to you next time. Thanks for listening!




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