PODCAST: Sculptra for Facial Rejuvenation

Jenny: Welcome to Facial Aesthetics Unmasked. We have Destiny Green here with us again from @momcrushmonday… best Insta page ever.

Destiny: Ever!! Make sure you follow and like and subscribe and all those good things.

Jenny: All the things! Its empowering… just makes me happy.

Destiny: Thank you.

Jenny: I’m just proud to be a woman.

Alfie: Yeah!

Jenny: When I follow you…

Alfie: Exactly.

Destiny: Thank you, that makes me happy.

Jeanna: Uplifting.

Jenny: Uplifting and i’m proud to get Botox from Alfie Symes and Jeanna Wilkerson.

Destiny: I’m proud to have good injectors in my life.

Jenny: Exactly.

Jeanna: We are proud to have all of you!

Alfie: Yes!

Jeanna: We are proud to inject you guys.

Jenny: Well, thank you. I am really proud of my Sculptra bruises.

Alfie: I am proud of your Sculptra bruises. Actually, I don’t like your Sculptra bruises because it makes me sad.

Jenny: Well, we will talk about… usually, you won’t have to bruise. I guess that’s not great.

Jeanna: Less likely…

Jenny: Less of a chance.

Alfie: Less likely, yeah.

Jenny: We are talking about Sculptra for facial rejuvenation today which is an aesthetic treatment that we’re super excited about. I feel like its not new. It’s been around for a long time but it’s becoming more popular.

Jeanna: For sure.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: So first, tell us what Sculptra is. Should I pick one of you? I’ll just let Jeanna go for it.

Jeanna: I can go. I’m ready to talk, my mouth was opening. So here I am.

Jenny: Yeah, I know. I heard it.

Jeanna: So Sculptra is called PPLA, polylactic acid. Which is a biostimulatory product. So it stimulates collagen production. Its longer lasting, that’s what it is. It’s awesome… you know, that it’s stimulating your own collagen to add volume to your face.

Jenny: I love it!

Alfie: It’s basically starting from scratch. Like, its building your own collagen instead of like, a filler that has volume to it. It’s kind of creating your own.

Destiny: So it’s a more natural look?

Jeanna: Definitely more natural.

Jenny: Yeah, girl.

Jeanna: It’s not really going to sculpt areas so much, you know? If you want really sculpted, chiseled out cheekbones or a jawline it’s not going to do that so much. It’s just for overall more natural volumization.

Jenny: Okay, this is what I was wondering. So, let’s talk about what some of the other filler options are and how they are before we get…

Alfie: Sure, so like for cheeks we use Voluma or Restylane Lyft a lot to sculpt. We use Juvederm in nasolabial folds like around your mouth, fine lines, your lips. There are several that we use like in the jaw like Voluma or Vollure or things like that. So there are several different kinds of fillers depending on where they want it. Tear troughs we do Restylane. We never do a semi-permanent filler under the eyes or lips.

Jenny: Why is that?

Alfie: Risk and a lot of things can happen there. And it’s a very delicate area, you know? Its around your eyes and we don’t want to cause any damage there or permanent damage.

Jenny: Right.

Alfie: All of our fillers like our actual HA fillers are reversible. As where Sculptra is not. And there’s a reason to be afraid of Sculptra that’s done correctly and injected in the right plane and all of those things. Its just in certain areas, you don’t want that. You don’t want an overstimulation of collagen under your eyes or in your lip and its unsafe.

Jeanna: Right.

Jenny: Gotcha.

Alfie: That’s the biggest thing, it’s just unsafe.

Jenny: How do you decide to get Sculptra over something else?

Alfie: So you would come in and we would chat about it. Cause it really… it might be one or the other or it might be a combination of both. You’ve got to think Sculptra is like springs in a mattress. It’s like where we receded or lose volume. Its pushing that volume back out. Its giving you that volume that we’ve lost. Because as we age, you know that volume goes away and our bones start to recede. So this is going to be like the groundwork. And after we’ve built that, then we are going to sculpt.

Jeanna: Sculpt things out. And you know Sculptra was first approved for HIV positive patients.

Jenny: Interesting.

Jeanna: So it was for those patients that looked really sunken in, emaciated looking to add overall volume. So I feel, you know most people could probably benefit from Sculptra just stimulate collagen because that’s slowing down a lot even at the age of thirty. But a lot of people that you’ll see are very active. You know, runners…very physically active and they really hollow out in their face because of it. Sculptra Is amazing for those patients.

Alfie: And don’t you feel like even before and after that I have seen… just their overall skin tone and texture and everything look so much better.

Jenny: Yeah, it’s supposed to improve that, right? Like fat. Fat will do that too when you inject it.

Alfie: That’s what I was telling you about today, Destiny. That it just improves everything. Tone and texture and everything.

Jeanna: Yeah, it just kind of gives you a glow.

Alfie: I mean you’re already really glowy.

Jeanna: You’re all really glowy actually…it’s oil.

Alfie: We’re all glowing.

Jeanna: I’m greasy.

Destiny: So really, Sculptra helps with just plumps and you just glow?

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: Plump and glow.

Destiny: I need to try it out!

Alfie: Yeah.

Jenny: So I went to a recent conference this past summer and I feel like there’s this… well, Instagram face and over sculpted faces like where you’re getting too much of the HA fillers. The Juvederms, Restylanes and you’re just adding and adding and it’s just building and building.

Jeanna: Too much angels, too much contour.

Jenny: Angles! Yeah. That’s what it is. So there’s kind of a resergance? Is that the word? No. Or just Sculptra and things like fat and things that are more natural and making a bigger impact.

Destiny: That makes sense.

Jeanna: Definitely.

Destiny: So adding Sculptra as like adding that and then doing injections too, as a combo?

Jenny: Yeah. So you don’t get this overfilled look that we all know, you know? We all see lots of that.

Alfie: You have to be humble with Sculptra as well because you can…

Jeanna: Overdo it.

Jenny: Can you?

Alfie: Yeah and this is the thing that I’ll say like everyone’s body chemistry it just so much different. One person can have one treatment and be good as where other people need two or three. You know? Everybody is just so different. So, Sculptra is a very marathon. You have to take your time, you have to allow time for that collagen to stimulate.

Jenny: So its not instant results like Juvederm?

Alfie: No. Right.

Jeanna: It’s really over months after you’re injected that you’ll start to see results.

Alfie: And you can’t get impatient and go back in. Injectors need to be vigilant in keeping their patient, you know patient. Because you can’t just be like, “oh, I don’t know.” It really is something that takes time to create.

Jeanna: Educating ahead of time to make sure that they know what they are in for, that this is something that they want, that its longer lasting, but that your results are slower starting.

Alfie: Because you can overdo it with that as well and I’ve seen it and it’s not a good look.

Jenny: So how does that look different than like an over HA face?

Alfie: It’s just full, really full.

Jenny: Looks fat??

Jeanna: Overall too much fullness.

Jenny: Chubby?

Alfie: Just overall fullness. Not necessarily… it’s hard to explain. But, it’s just really full.

Jenny: versus too full?

Alfie: Like they should have seen Dr. Thompson or Dr. Henstrom and had, you know…

Jenny: A lift…

Alfie: women get so caught up in I want a filler, I want this to lift my nasolabial folds, or whatever. You know, y’all those are from our happy lines, they are natural, everyone has them. Even your children have them.

Jenny: These are the lines around the mouth.

Alfie: Like we don’t want to look like a money or a lion. We want to look human and like have angles and stuff to our face. So, I think that’s another thing. There should be certain lines in certain areas of our face, like actually convex, concave, convex, concave. That’s what keeps a face beautiful.

Jeanna: Natural.

Alfie: Women look better when we have the heart shaped face, you know? That’s like the goal. So you just want to keep from getting too round.

Jenny: Gotcha.

Destiny: So, where would you inject Sculptra?

Jeanna: So it’s really good for like the cheek bones. Cheeks, temples, the area in front of your ear that is below you cheek that starts to hollow out. I see a lot of people that are very active…

Jenny: Now, I’ve got to feel that… below my ear. I need it there.

Jeanna: So in front of your ear, below your cheeks it’s called your preauricular area.

Alfie: I did some there.

Jenny: Oh, you did some? Okay.

Jeanna: And you know, I’ve seen some people before and after pictures that look awesome. From people that are very… runners. So they are very physically active and they are so hollowed out here that you literally see your cheek muscles, they are so sunken in. And they’ll do Sculptra and it’s amazing that it just plumps that right up and you no longer see those muscles and you  add volume to your face.

Destiny: I am Googling right now.

Jenny: That’s incredible! Google it!

Alfie: Right here, your marionette lines…

Jenny: That’s where I needed it.

Alfie: And a lot more women than men because our bones recede quicker than men. And so we need it here more.

Jenny: I didn’t know that.

Jeanna: Well, usually jawline is usually less prominent than men too. Its like you start to notice that volume lose earlier.

Alfie: So the pre-jowl like where you start to see your jowl, we can…

Jeanna: You can even go along the jawline. It’s not really going to chisel it out but you’re losing volume there.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: You need collagen there.

Jenny: Interesting. So are you finding it hard to convince people when they can’t see that instant result? Because I feel like we are less and less patient.

Alfie: I think that it is just the right patient and education is key.

Jeanna: Right.

Alfie: And for some people, I feel like if people were to just listen and be like let her do what she wants to do, they would look ten years younger than even they did today in five years from now. If they let me do what I wanted to do.

Destiny: Wow.

Alfie: You know what I mean. Like and I do…

Jenny: I’ve seen you patients where I’m like they look way younger than when they first came here years ago.

Alfie: Yeah.

Alfie: Right. And so if you let us do what we want to do just naturally in five years you’re going to look even…

Jeanna: younger than when you started

Alfie: younger than when you started for sure.

Destiny: And I think that circles back to having the right injector and someone who really knows their craft and is an art. Because you can trust someone who is not so good with your face and you’re going to come out looking like who did it, what happened and how. And just injectors at Utah Facial Plastics are great.

Alfie: Thank you.

Jenny: Yeah, you guys are really good. Sculptra is riskier, right?

Alfie: Yeah. There is more risk.

Jenny: Or no? Or is it…

Jeanna: Well…

Alfie: I don’t think it’s more risk but as a patient you have to be more proactive.

Jeanna: Yes, and it’s necessarily that its more risky. If anything its less risky as far as getting into a vessel. Those complications that we talked about.

Jenny: Oh, gotcha.

Jeanna: Its less risky there but maybe a where a little more risky… with an HA filler we can dissolve it if something… you don’t like it. You know if there was a safety thing, if you had some lumps or anything like that you can dissolve it. But with Sculptra, it’s there. You can’t take it out. But, you know that’s why Alfie was saying with the overfilled face… that’s why you want to take it a little bit slow, make sure you know how well it works and things like that to know how many treatments to do.

Alfie: Yeah.

Jeanna: Because you can’t take it out.

Alfie: It’s an investment.

Jenny: So we invested in my face.

Alfie: We did.

Jenny: With my Sculptra. I got some shiners,  which is fine. I don’t care, I said go for it.

Jeanna: I had those last week… some good ones.

Jenny: But you mentioned there’s a way to decrease that bruising.

Alfie: Yeah and we just didn’t have the cannulas which you know you were okay with doing it with a needle. But you bruise less with with a cannula, which we can do. And you can bruise whenever you’re doing any of these things you can bruise and you are going to swell.

Jenny: So how is a cannula different than a needle?

Alfie: A cannula is a flat edge instead of a pointed end. So it’s not a needle.

Jeanna: It’s got a blunt tip.

Destiny: So where did you inject?

Jenny: So we did my marionette lines, those lines. Here…

Alfie: Pre-jowl.

Jenny: Pre-jowl, yeah.

Jeanna: On the sides of the chin.

Jenny: on the sides of the chin, under the mouth. Those were starting to hollow and I feel like I’m just starting to see jowls forming. I know… I’m… anyway.

Alfie: Occupational hazard.

Jenny: I mean, I said, Alfie do it!

Alfie: I think she was asleep when I was doing this.

Jenny: I was so relaxed.

Destiny: No, you were not!

Jenny: I was so relaxed.

Alfie: She actually was.

Jeanna: Were you tired? Were you puffin on the pronox?

Jenny: No! Which by the way…

Alfie: I didn’t give her anything.

Jenny: people are loving pronox.

Alfie: I love it. Patients…

Destiny: Wait… what is pronox?

Jenny: Why didn’t we give it to you? It’s like a nitrous gas. It’s like a laughing gas but it wears off really fast.

Alfie: It’s been super fun for me.

Destiny: Cool.

Jenny: People don’t get like super nauseous on it because it goes out of your system really quick.

Destiny: You weren’t that? Are you sure?

Jenny: I actually wasn’t. I had a solid workout that morning. Maybe that’s why I bruised more.

Alfie: Maybe.

Jeanna: Endorphins. You were on a high.

Jenny: and i’m just going going and It’s just time that I sat in the chair and I’m like do it and I’m like oh, I’m tired.

Alfie: Yeah, we did her Botox, we did Sculptra.

Jeanna: Wow.

Jenny: I didn’t even know what you were doing.

Alfie: I know.

Jenny: I didn’t even know.

Alfie: We did her nasolabial folds, we did her marionette lines, so  that’s around the mouth and then we did her jawline and her temples.

Jenny: Yeah, I feel like my temples… that’s been surprising how hollow that is getting as I get older.

Jeanna: For sure and a lot of people don’t realize it until you point it out and they are like oh God, yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Jeanna: Yeah, my temples are hollow. If you can show the improvement, the before and after they want it.

Alfie: And there should be a little concave there, ladies. We don’t want round.

Jenny: That’s a good point because I look in the mirror and i’m like I need it all filled. I need them.

Alfie: That’s how people get really round.

Jenny: okay

Alfie: Because you know, you’ve got to look at the face as a whole.

Jenny: I don’t want to be a blueberry.

Alfie: No, I don’t think you ever could be a blueberry.

Jenny: With my bruises and my…

Jeanna: And you know, with Sculptra it can be… when Alfie and I did it on each other, it was a little bit more tender because we only had needles but  I use cannulas for the most part. And I had a lady last week that I did Sculptra on and she… well she had kids at home. So coming to the office was a treat for her to get away from the kids in general.

Jenny: Yes, just a break.

Jeanna: But, using the cannulas… I was asking her okay, how does it feel? Are you fine? And she’s like it actually kind of feels like a massage. So I don’t know… come get a Sculptra massage from me.

Jenny: a massage with like a needle…

Jeanna: #sculptramassage

Jenny: It’s like a needle kind of busting through your tissue… with a cannula.

Jeanna: Well you can’t really feel it, less bruising.

Alfie: We didn’t numb each other either.

Jeanna: We just like to be tough.

Destiny: Beauty is pain and It’s like a  good pain. I don’t know how to explain it.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: Like to me, I know like… let me go back to the word investing back into myself. So it just can’t hurt that bad.

Jeanna: Its like you envision your results and its way worth it.

Jenny: Yeah, you do. Its like weightlifting.

Destiny: Right.

Jenny: You know you’re sore but it’s a good sore.

Destiny: It’s a good sore.

Alfie: I just put on my workout clothes and try to absorb it through osmosis. I don’t know what you guys are doing.

Jeanna: It’s working for you!

Jenny: It is working!

Destiny: Show us your ways, Alfie. Show us your ways.

Alfie: Like i’m going to have a six-pack tonight.

Jeanna: I have thought that really hard but it hasn’t worked for me.

Jenny: But it on your vision board.

Jeanna: Yeah, okay.

Jenny: Put it on your vision board.

Jeanna: I need a vision board first.

Alfie: you have to put the work out clothes on.

Jeanna: Well, that’s where I went wrong.

Alfie: Right.

Destiny: Yeah, come in with an affirmation. Just like this is not going to hurt, it’s not gonna hurt, it’s not gonna hurt and it wont.

Alfie Exactly.

Jenny: You’ll be fine.

Alfie: Well it’s like a therapy session.

Jenny: you get to chat. Like i was chatting with you.

Destiny: We had a whole therapy session. It’s like going to your hairdresser, you know.

Jenny: Yeah.

Destiny: You’re just chatting for a minute and then get to business and it’s all good.

Alfie: And you feel great, I know. I have like a million therapy sessions a day.

Jeanna: Beautiful.

Alfie: I don’t even need a therapist anymore.

Jenny: You probably know so many things about people, like all these secrets are just like a vault.

Jeanna: In Alfie’s head.

Jenny: Yes.

Alfie: You’ll never know.

Jenny: Tell us your juiciest secret.

Alfie: You’ll never know.

Jenny: Without telling us the patient.

Destiny: That’s a whole other… that’s a different podcast but a different day.

Jenny: I need a podcast where it’s just like secrets. There’s got to be a podcast about just secrets.

Alfie: Well, we can make one.

Destiny: Let’s do it.

Jenny: We should.

Alfie: But i’m not telling anybody else’s secrets.

Jeanna: I know, that’s the problem!

Destiny: Well the client can have like a fake name of something like you could just do it like…

Jeanna: But then they are going to be like that was about me.

Jenny: People can submit things anonymously. So submit to us anonymously.

Alfie: Oh, yeah! That would be fun.

Jenny: All you secrets.

Destiny: Yeah.

Alfie: Totes.

Jenny: So wait… back to Sculptra.

Alfie: Scroll… it’s amazing. Not everyone is a candidate but everyone at some point will be.

Jeanna: But if you are a candidate, you’re going to love it. It’s the best treatment and sometimes maybe it’s a little bit more money upfront, but longer lasting.

Jenny: So how long do you tell people it last?

Jeanna: You know, really it’s like maybe we do two depending… one, two or three treatments. To jump start the collagen production and then maybe yearly they come back in for a treatment. Or maybe two years. But more likely kind of just to stay refreshed, yearly a treatment. But if did that every year, its a year refreshed.

Jenny: And that would actually be less expensive than yeah, doing HA fillers.

Jeanna: In the long run.

Jenny: Yeah. For how long they kinda… the body absorbs it.

Alfie: And then for the sculpting we can do other things, little things.

Jenny: Yeah, little tweaks here and there.

Jeanna: And if they even need it. Some people might not even need filler on top of Sculptra just depending.

Jenny: Right. You’re right.

Alfie: That’s why I’m saying its a good investment.

Jenny: Investment. It’s a good investment.

We’re going to be doing a couple Sculptra dinners coming up… I want to say November and December. So that will be fun. Yeah, we’re just going to make them kind of small, take people out to dinner…

Alfie: Wait… patients?

Jenny: Yeah, I think we are going to do one a Tsunami.

Alfie: Fun!

Jenny: Yeah, just learn about Sculptra.

Jeanna: Education…

Jenny: Have some drinks, get some food. Anyway…

Alfie: That’s my favorite.

Jenny: People will need to stay tuned for that.

Jeanna: Well, I like Tsunami so i’m down and I love Sculpra.

Jenny: I love Tsunami. That’s why I’m like lets do Tsunami.

Alfie: I know. That’s like the new place. It took me five minutes to get there.

Jeanna: Even if I’m not invited, i’m coming.

Alfie: You’re invited.

Jenny: Absolutely. Well, there’s two of them.

Jeanna: Ok.

Jenny: One at Tsunami and one I think will be at Twigs at Stationpark.

Jeanna: Oooh, I haven’t been there but I hear it’s good.  Ok, we’re coming.

Jenny: Well, I just haven’t told you about it because i’m last minute.

Alfie: Yeah.

Destiny: I’m always there. Can I just be part of the staff now?

Jenny: You can come, I’m telling you… you’re like our spiritual leader. You and Alfie.

Destiny: Yeah.

Jenny: Spirit animal.

Destiny: We’ll have a healing session one  time.

Jenny: Healing and Sculptra.

Destiny: Healing and Sculptra, I love it.

Jenny: So stay tuned. We will be announcing those dinners. They are free. It’s just going to be for educational and we’ll be giving away Botox or Dysport. So it will be a fun night.

Jeanna: Sounds fun.

Jenny: Yeah! So follow @utahfacialplastics to make sure you get that information and then be sure to like, follow, subscribe… can you like podcasts? Okay, I don’t even know. I’m saying all the things. All the things that social media….

Alfie: Good job, Rich.

Jenny: Comment, review, all that! We would love it because we enjoy doing this, we enjoy the people we have on and just educating everybody. So be sure to rate, give us five stars because we’re awesome.

Destiny: You’re worth it!

Jenny: Yes, we are absolutely worth it and we do look forward to talking to you next time.

Destiny: Thank you!

Alfie, Jenny, Jeanna, Destiny: Bye!




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