Telemedicine at Utah Facial Plastics with Dr. Scott Thompson

Kari: Welcome back to Fresh Living, our beauty businesses are closing their doors to help combat corona virus and this is really important. Joining me now is Dr. Scott Thompson, facial plastic surgeon at Utah Facial Plastics. Dr. Thompson, should we reschedule our beauty treatments even if the business we go to is still open?

Dr. Thompson: There are multiple organizations both locally and nationally that have recommend that cosmetic or non-essential visits are important to avoid right now. Based on that and the fact that patients are coming in and out of our offices and potentially exposing other patients and our staff to transmission of this illness. In our business we’re not able to stay six feet away from each other so I think in our line of work it’s for our own safety. One other thing is that equipment and supplies are are really in short supply right now and difficult to order. If we save those for essential visits I think it’s going to be better for everyone.

Kari: Let’s talk about your locations at Utah Facial Plastics. Are any of them still open?

Dr. Thompson: Yes, both of our locations are open in Draper and Layton. But we’re limiting our visits to important and essential visits, such as skin cancer repairs, lacerations, masses and things that need to be managed immediately are things that we’re taking care of. Our part that we’re hoping to contribute to this is that we can diminish the amount of traffic seen in the ER’s by managing some of this lacerations and facial injuries that could otherwise go to those places.

Kari: Let’s talk about telemedicine. What about that?

Dr. Thompson: Yes, this is a great opportunity right now. Normally our office is scheduled out two to three months for consultations and this is a great technology that we’re able to use without having to visit face to face and potentially plan for things that are down the road. We feel like this is lasting forever because we’re going through it right now but this is a temporary situation and we’ll be back to seeing patients and living our lives normally hopefully in the near future.

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