Is a Facelift the Only Solution That Offers Long Term Effects?

If you are concerned with significant jowl laxity and sagging in the lower face and neck, a facelift is a surgical option that can provide a long term fix.

A facelift can take up to 15 years off of a person’s appearance and can make them feel refreshed and more confident. Having a facelift does not mean that you are going to be frozen in time for 10-15 years as the aging process will continue after surgery. The patient will, however, benefit from the improvements for the rest of their life, even though they will continue to age. For example, an individual who had a facelift at 50 will not look like your typical 65 year old when they reach that age. They may not look like they did 5 months after surgery but will look much better at that age having had a facelift at age 50 than had that not had anything done at all.

A facelift is one of the only surgical solution that offers all of the long term benefits. During a facelift procedure the SMAS layer and the deep muscle is lifted and properly secured. Addressing the SMAS and the deep muscles is what makes this surgery a long-term success.

Factors like genetics, hormones, activity level, nutrition, stress levels, environmental factors, skincare and sun exposure can all determine how long a facelift may potentially last. Taking care of your skin and health both before and after a facelift are key to long lasting results.

Our facelift package includes skincare products that promote healthy skin, enhance results and promote healing. This kit includes Arnica, a homeopathic medication that helps reduce bruising and swelling. The skincare regimen that is includes SkinMedica products that are designed for aging skin. Also included is our GloMinerals Corrective Kit, a color correction makeup palette that is safe to conceal bruising, redness and/or incisions.

The SkinMedica kit includes:

TNS Essential Serum


AHA/BHA Refreshing Cleanser


Total Defense + Repair Sunscreen

Scar Recovery Gel

We do offer less invasive surgical options, such as our MACSlift surgery and FaceTite laser procedure. Both are excellent procedures when performed on the right candidate but do not offer patients facelift results and do not last 10-15 years like a traditional facelift.

Learn more about a facelift in SLC, Draper, Layton and surrounding areas by calling (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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