The Best Botox Near Me

As we age, the facial expressions we make throughout our lives, start to leave unique lines. As this is natural and apart of the process, these lines can start to get deeper, and it can have an affect on the way we feel about physical aging.  Fortunately, we have skin care treatments available such as facials, microneedling, laser, and neurotoxins, such as Botox to help us maintain good skin.

Understanding How to Treat Fine Lines

There are many skin care products and treatments that can soften lines. To maintain good skin texture, the key in consistency. As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin. This causes our skin volume and texture break down, increasing lines and folds.  Medical grade skin care and treatments can maintain the health and strength of skin, slowing down this process. Although these treatments can affect the superficial layers of the skin, our facial muscles continue to move, and this can also create dynamic facial wrinkles. Common dynamic wrinkles include forehead lines and the lines around our eyes called “crows feet”.  Neurotoxin products such as Botox and Dysport have been around for years and are the most effective way to treat dynamic lines and wrinkles. There isn’t anything quite like it, because as we age our facial muscles will always continue to move.

The Best Treatment for Forehead Lines

Botox is a great way to alleviate forehead wrinkles. Botox is injected into the muscle to stop or slow down the movement, therefor reducing the creases that are made when moving the muscle. Botox is FDA approved and a temporary treatment that requires maintenance. On average it lasts 3-4 months, but some patients can get longer use of it. On average, most patients receiving Botox come in 2-3 times per year. Over time the muscle starts to regain baseline movement and will require treatment again. For someone who has formed deeper wrinkles, they can expect to be treated multiple times before those static wrinkles soften out.

The Best Botox Near Me

There are a lot of injectors who treat with Botox. When searching for injectors near you, these are things you will want to look for when seeking an injector:

  • What office or facility does the nurse injector work at?
  • Is the facility reputable?
  • Is the facility owned and operated under a physician?
  • Who is injecting the Botox and what are their credentials?
  • Is the injector experienced and do they show their work?

Utah Facial Plastics is a reputable facility, operated and owned for 15 years by Drs. Scott Thompson and Douglas Henstrom. In a continuing growing state, there are currently 5 experienced nurse injectors that work along side our doctors to safely and effectively treat thousands of patients with Botox.  Our offices are currently located in Draper and Layton Utah, with a new facility coming in 2023 in South Jordan/ Daybreak area. Utah Facial Plastics is the place you want to be when it comes to your face. Our double-board certified ENT/ Facial Plastics & Reconstructive doctors specialize in the face, surgically and non-surgically. Our certified nurse injectors are the primary injectors in our facilities and have been extensively trained under the guidance of our doctors.

To learn more information on Botox in Utah or schedule a consultation or Botox treatment visit our website at, visit out Instagram page @utahfacialplastics, or call 801-776-2220 to talk to a staff member.

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