Your Complete Guide to Fillers

Filler Full Face

If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment option to either improve fine lines of the skin or to revolumize certain areas of the face, fillers are an ideal solution to maintain a refreshed and youthful appearance without having to undergo a more invasive treatment.

What are Fillers?

Most dermal fillers are typically hyaluronic acid (HA) based, which is a substance that is naturally found in the human skin. When we are babies, we have high levels of HA in our skin, keeping it soft and squishy. With age, we begin to lose the hyaluronic acid that we have which leads to volume loss and wrinkling. There are a variety of fillers, some well-known names are Juvederm and Restylane. Fillers go through testing processes by these companies to determine their stability and safety. Certain fillers are recommended for specific areas of the face.

Where can filler be injected?

Filler is a popular cosmetic treatment because it can be injected into multiple areas of the face to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore volume, or can even enhance certain facial features. When filler is injected into the desired area of the face, it is injected with a very fine needle in very small amounts. The amount needed varies per individual and area. This is determined by the injector and they will recommend the proper amount for the best results.

Lip Enhancement

Filler Lips

Lip enhancement has become one of the most popular of filler treatments because of its variance in subtle to dramatic results. Some people just want fuller lips, but some may want to add volume to lips they once had, or never had. As we age, the lips begin to thin out, lose definition, and the corners of the mouth can often droop. When filler is injected into the lips it can add volume and restore definition.

Cheek Restoration

The cheeks are another common area of the face that lose their structure with age. With time, the facial muscles begin to drop, and the cheek can flatten or hollow in the mid-face area. Cheeks fillers like Voluma or Restylane Lyft are FDA approved to add volume and structure back to the cheek area, giving it a most rejuvenated appearance. Cheek enhancement with filler can make a big difference for some individuals who have moderate to severe volume loss.

Chin or Jawline Sculpting

Filler Cheek and Chin

Filler can be used in the chin or jaw area for several reasons. A recessed chin can be augmented with filler. Filler can be used in the jawline to give it a more defined and sculpted look. Adding filler in these areas can restore balance and definition to facial features. Usually, several syringes of filler are needed to achieve desired results.

What is the average cost of fillers in Utah?

The cost of fillers is pretty competitive between practices as some can charger per area or per product used. At UFP Aesthetics, we always encourage individuals to choose a provider based on experience and credentials, and not on price alone. You will want to choose a provider that is reputable and someone you trust who can deliver results safely and effectively. In Utah an average cost for a full syringe of filler can range from $650-$800. At UFP we also offer our patients half syringes of filler, which cost approximately $450. You can also take advantage of our monthly med spa specials or become a VIP member with us to receive perks all year long.

How long do fillers last?

As mentioned above, most fillers are hyaluronic based which makes them last temporarily. The upside to them being temporary is that if you do not like the results, they are not permanent. They can also be dissolved with filler dissolvers if needed.  Most fillers last approximately 6-12 months on average. Some fillers last longer, sometimes 18-24 months. This is usually based on multiple syringes being injected. Sculptra is another longer lasting filler option that stimulates the body’s own collagen, which produces results over time.

For more information about filler in Draper, Layton, or South Jordan Gateway (coming soon), please contact Utah Facial Plastics at (801)776-2220 or schedule a consultation with one of our experienced nurse injectors to determine if filler may be right for you.

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