Brotox: Why More Men Are Going Under The Needle

Since the pandemic, more men are going under the needle making “Brotox” one of the most popular cosmetic treatments amongst men and is still on the rise. In the past, when you thought of Botox, you thought of women. Well, over the years more men are embracing self-care and cosmetic treatments. Why the sudden increase?

Benefits Botox has on Men

Men are not only more open to receiving Botox, they are also more willing to talk about it. There is less of a stigma associated with cosmetic procedures these days, which is one of the main reasons men are much more open about Botox in general.

Botox temporarily treats and prevents wrinkles on the face caused by underlying muscle contractions. Botox is a quick treatment that effectively treats forehead lines, vertical lines between the brows, and lines around the eyes. When done by an experienced injector, results are extremely natural looking. The results are visible, but Botox does not radically change an individual’s facial appearance. The muscle activity that caused the forehead lines or the furrow lines is temporarily reduced.

Men who constantly look angry or sad because of their wrinkles benefit greatly from Botox treatments because that angry or sad look temporarily goes away, making them more approachable. Men also benefit from natural looking results because if they aren’t ready to spill their Brotox secret, they simply don’t have to. Most people would never know they are receiving treatments unless they want to share it.

A Closer Look in the Camera

After a year of Zoom meetings and lots of FaceTime calls, men have also been forced to look at themselves much closer than ever before. When it comes to health and wellness, history has shown that men are more focused on their bodies. Men have reported that during the pandemic they really started to notice their faces, such as fine lines and wrinkles and wanted to do something about them.

Then there’s social media…whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or dating apps, men are putting their faces out there more than ever.  The filters that are created within these apps are typically created for women, leaving men unfiltered. Once again leaving men taking a closer look at their selfies.

“My girlfriend/ wife/mom made me do it.”

This is a common phrase we all hear when a man first comes in for Brotox. With Botox being as popular and mainstream as it is today, someone you know is likely being treated with Botox. Women love bringing their significant others in with them because they know just how much they’ll love and benefit from Botox treatments. Once men understand that they will still look like themselves and will not appear feminine, they are more likely to want to try Botox and come in for regular treatments.

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Injector Experienced in Treating Men

If you’re a man searching for an injector, make sure they are experienced in treating men. Treating a male face is much different than treating a female face. Males have thicker skin and facial muscles and different face shapes than females. To maintain the most natural and masculine results, a skilled injector is a must.

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