How Much Can I Expect To Pay For Botox In Salt Lake City, Utah?

Botox is ideal for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in areas such as the forehead, crow’s feet (around the eyes) and between the eyebrows (glabella). These fine lines and wrinkles are at first only apparent with facial expressions like scowling, lifting your brows or squinting your eyes. Overtime they become static lines and later, wrinkles. Many individuals are now choosing to begin Botox treatments in their 20’s or early 30’s to prevent those lines from worsening.

Common Areas Treated with Botox

The most common areas treated with Botox include the forehead, around the eyes and between the brows. There are also other areas such as around the mouth, in the chin, sides of the nose, and the masseter (jaw muscles).

Each area being treated typically requires a minimum number of units to be effective, but also varies on how much movement is wanted by the patient. Some patients prefer as little movement as possible, and some prefer a modest amount. The glabella and masseter (jaw muscle) generally require the most number of units because of how strong these muscles are. Also, most men require more units than women as well because their muscles are larger and stronger.

Forehead: 10-20 units

Crow’s Feet: 10-15 units per side

Glabella: 10-25 units

Masseter: 10-20 units per side

Eyebrow Lift: 2-5 units per side

Bunny Lines: 5-10 units

Dimpled Chin: 2-6 units

What Determines the Cost of Botox?

The price of Botox varies from state to state and even city to city. The average cost in Utah right now is between $9 and $14 per unit. The cost of each unit is determined by factors such as the experience and credentials of the injector and place of business.  Some injectors charge per unit or by area.

Many offices in Utah charge per area. In most cases, this ends up being more expensive because not every individual needs the maximum number of units that they end up paying for. Everyone needs a different amount depending on their individual size and strength of their muscle. At Utah Facial Plastics, we charge by the unit and each treatment is customized to each individual patients needs. We also charge the same amount for Dysport as we do Botox.

Botox Unit Cost

Currently at Utah Facial Plastics, we charge $13 per unit for Botox. That is the price before any specials or discounts offered from our practice, or discounts you may have earned through Alle. Alle is a program that was designed by the makers of Botox, Allergan. Alle is free and anyone can sign up HERE. This program helps individuals save by earning points with each Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, Volbella, Latisse, Kybella, and SkinMedica purchase. Points can also be earned by doing other in office treatments but can only be redeemed towards Allergan products. Alle was previously Brilliant Distinctions, and if you are already a Brilliant Distinctions member, you can login in, and it will automatically convert your account to Alle. They also do special offers during the year like discounted gift cards or double points. This is a great opportunity for patients to save money on top of in office specials.

Botox Results

Even though the effects of Botox treatments are not permanent, with consistent Botox treatments fine lines and wrinkles can soften. After treatment, the results are not fully apparent for approximately 5-10 days and last anywhere from 3-5 months. Botox treatments are usually recommended at least every 4 months but can also be effective a few times a year and slow down signs of aging.

For more information about Botox, please contact our Draper, Layton, or South Jordan/Gateway (coming soon) office at (801)776-2220. You can also book a Botox consultation online with one of our experienced nurse injectors at UFP Aesthetics.

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