Facelift Trends May be On the Move!

Beauty Woman face Portrait close upIn the wake of so many nonsurgical facial rejuvenation therapies, one may wonder if the surgical facelift has completely lost its relevance. According to the statistics captured in these past two years, the facelift is anything but antiquated. It is not only beneficial but also incredibly popular among groups that may come as a surprise. It seems that, in 2022, the average patient seeking facelift surgery will be younger than previous demographic statistics. People are seeing that the effects of a surgical facelift can last many years and that, when done sooner, doesn’t have to be so dramatic a transformation. One of the primary goals that plastic surgery patients have is to maintain a natural aesthetic even when correcting the signs of aging like jowls and flattened cheeks.  The earlier a facelift is done, the milder the signs of aging are and the less likely it is that anyone will be able to tell work has been done. Talk about aging gracefully!

Did the Pandemic Drive a New Trend in Facial Rejuvenation?

Statistics have shown that Americans spent over $9 billion on plastic surgery in 2020. While the effects of the pandemic have taken their toll, the COVID lockdowns also created an opening for greater flexibility in work and also self-reflection. Contrary to what we may have thought would happen during a time in history when we began working from home and spending very little time vacationing or seeing friends and family, people began to reflect on the idea of self-improvement. This spanned multiple areas, from relationship status to weight and stress management and also, surprisingly, to appearance. While the new work-from-home culture had a little something to do with the rise in plastic surgery, experts point primarily to what they call the “Zoom Boom” to explain why so many people sought facial rejuvenation starting later in 2020.

The transition into work-from-home has enabled people to schedule plastic surgery recovery with much more ease than what has been possible in the past. This is especially true for younger patients whose careers tend to prevent sufficient time off to cover up compression garments, bandages, and swelling. The rise in video conferencing also enabled us to take a closer look at ourselves, something we may not have wanted to do. Experts believe that this face-to-face time we’ve had to have with ourselves is a leading reason for the increase in inquiries about facial rejuvenation and facelift procedures. Coupled with the ability to work at home and recover in a more private matter, this influential factor has prompted patients as young as their thirties to explore the benefits of facelift surgery.

Men and Facial Plastic Surgery

Another trend that is expected to rise in 2022 is the number of middle-aged men getting facelifts. Historically, there has been a bit of a stigma around men and plastic surgery. The more that women have been open about their use of cosmetic procedures in recent years, though, the more freedom men have gained to explore their own concerns related to appearance. We’ve seen more high-profile men discuss their use of cosmetic injectables and other nonsurgical procedures so much that the term “Brotox” became popular. It may have been the use of this term that stimulated a push toward more, allowing men to seek natural-looking facelift surgery to restore a more youthful appearance. For men, one of the primary reasons for seeking treatment is to regain their confidence and edge in their professional lives.

Regardless of the reason for having facelift surgery or other forms of facial rejuvenation, patients who do report an overall sense of wellness and restored vibrancy in their lives.  In our Utah offices, faces are our business. We offer a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical services to help adults of all ages adequately address their cosmetic concerns. To learn more, schedule a visit at our Draper or Layton location. Schedule an appointment here or give us a call at 801.776.2220.

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