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Facelift surgery can be intimidating and when considering a procedure that involves your face, it is a big decision to make. Most fear they will look unnatural, pulled or just not like themselves. When done by a specialist, facelifts can look very natural.  Utah Facial Plastic’s surgeons pride themselves on helping patients look like the best versions of their younger, refreshed selves. They are also both highly trained and experienced, using the most advanced techniques which results in very natural results.

What A Good Facelift Can Achieve

“Am I going to look like myself?”, is an extremely common question we get from those interested in a facelift and the answer is yes. The patient in the picture below still looks like her unique self but younger.  Her face shape has been restored and her jawline and neck have been lifted. This patient also had an upper eyelid lift, which giving her eyes a more open, rejuvenation results.

2022 05 03 10 00 13 Facelift and Eyelid Lift by Dr. Henstrom Case 20851 Utah Facial Plastics — M

This beautiful patient of ours looks years younger and more refreshed. By lifting a repositioning, the mid and lower face, this addressed her deep nasolabial folds on the sides of her nose to mouth. Deep folds like these are one of the first signs of aging and can add years to one’s appearance.

2022 05 03 10 01 56 Facelift by Dr. Thompson Case 21258 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

A facelift can also restore an individual’s natural face shape, which makes them appear like they did in their youth. Her natural face shape was restored by tightening excess tissue on her lower face and neck. The ideal face shape is a heart shape, when muscle and tissue begin to fall it can leave the face looking more square.

2022 05 03 10 06 21 Facelift by Dr. Thompson Case 19942 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

Being Proactive about Aging

Facelifts are not a one-size fits all surgery. It is 100% tailored to each individual based on their concerns. For patients who are not quite candidates for a traditional facelift, we also offer patients a mini-facelift (MACSlift). This type of facelift is not as comprehensive as our traditional facelift and is ideal for those who are concerned about the jowling and restoring their jawline.

This patient below didn’t have moderate to severe signs of aging which made her an excellent candidate for a MACSlift. Again, she still looks like herself but with a noticeable improvement in lifting her cheeks and contouring to her jawline. She also looks great at 6 weeks out with incisions still healing, but very unnoticeable to the average eye.

2022 05 03 10 09 02 Macslift by Dr. Thompson Case 21296 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

Refine and Rejuvenate the Jawline

This woman also had a MACSlift, which improved the appearance of her jowls and jawline. Again, she was an ideal candidate for this procedure and has a much more refined and rejuvenated jawline.

2022 05 03 10 11 37 MACSlift By Dr. Henstrom Case 20412 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

Sculpt, Contour, & Define

A traditional facelift is ideal for those with laxity in the lower face and neck. As you see with this patient, a facelift was able to restore structure in the neck and improve skin laxity in the face and jowls.

2022 05 03 10 12 51 Facelift by Dr. Thompson Case 12768 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

A facelift is a very individual surgery, it is common for a small chin implant to be added to to define and firm the chin and jawline. This chin implant made this patient look much younger and gave him a happier expression. During his facelift surgery, he also received fat injections and upper and lower eyelid lifts.


This woman’s facelift not only lifted her nasolabial folds, neck and jowls, it also restored her natural facial structure. As you can see in the photos, her cheekbones and jawline have a very nice contoured appearance.

2022 05 03 10 14 57 Facelift by Dr. Thompson Case 19473 Utah Facial Plastics — Mozilla Firefox

To learn more about facelifts, MACSlift, or neck procedures, please contact our Draper or Layton office at (801)776-2220.

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