The Rise In Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

In early 2020 the Covid Pandemic was upon us. Utah Facial Plastics shut down like the rest of the world shortly after and we were unaware of what this would mean for our practice and industry. With some time, we were back open with strict restrictions and seeing patients in office as well as doing consultations over video calls. We noticed with time we were getting more inquiries online, increased phone calls, and online store orders. But why? People weren’t working as much or were working from home, and they weren’t going out to the places they loved. We were talking to patients and asking more questions on why they were seeking treatments. What we found out was interesting.

Social Media and The Zoom Boom

zoom boom

As most of us were home for some time, we were spending a lot more time online and social media platforms. Social media filters increased, and people were getting a skewed, more improved version of themselves in their selfies.  Memes were going through the roof and laughter was a way many of us coped through the pandemic. Specifically, memes joking about working at home in our pajamas with messy hair or wearing work attire on the upper half but wearing underwear and socks on the bottom half during video calls. Many of us were enjoying not caring so much about our daily appearance and being able to relax at home. On the flip side, the statistics show a big increase of searches when it comes to facial plastic surgery and skin care treatments. As the zoom calls increased, we were looking at ourselves more than ever and evaluating the facial concerns that could be improved. The way individuals saw themselves over a computer screen was much different than what they saw in the mirror.

The Search for Aesthetic Enhancements

google searches
google searches

As these interesting effects took place, the things people may have not noticed as much before were noticing more than ever. Google searches increased dramatically. People were home and had more money to spend on themselves.  Almost all of us saw the dreaded “double chin” whether it was just the angle of the camera or actual excess fat in the chin area. Fast forward into 2021, statistics by the AAFRPS show that the most common facial plastic surgery procedures are rhinoplasty, facelift, and blepharoplasty, but has been a huge increase in non-surgical treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. In the past filler has mostly been used to treat localized areas of the face like the lips, nasolabial folds, and corners of the mouth. Patients have been receiving full face rejuvenation or in other words a “non-surgical facelift”.

Plastic Surgery Recovery at Home

plastic surgery recovery

With the increase of more people being at home, recovering from facial plastic surgery or skin treatments became more of an option as individuals didn’t have to take paid time off to hide out. Wearing a mask was more normal and could be worn during recovery while going out. More invasive procedures like facelift surgery or ablative laser resurfacing requires individuals to take 1-2 weeks of downtime to allow effects of bruising, swelling, and resurfaced skin to heal.

Utah’s double board-certified facial plastic surgeons, Drs. Thompson and Henstrom have performed thousands of facial plastic surgery over the years perfecting their craft and making Utah Facial Plastics the preferred facial plastic surgery place to go in Utah. We are welcoming our 3rd facial plastic surgeon, J.P. Manning this fall. When considering a facial surgery or procedure it is best to research and choose a specialist who performs surgeries of the head, face, and neck.  Trust your face to a facial plastic surgeon and visit to see credentials, services, before and after photos, as well as hundreds of 5 star reviews and schedule your consultation with a facial plastic surgeon today.

To learn more about surgical, non-surgical, and aesthetic services at Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Hair Restoration, visit our websites or contact us at 801-776-2220 at our Layton or Draper offices in Northern Utah.

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