Expectations vs. Reality: Healthy Goals When It Comes to Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become more and more popular over the years, and more people are looking into procedures for facial or body rejuvenation. It is a personal decision and should be considered thoroughly before going under the knife.  Each individual is unique, which makes each surgery unique. It is extremely common for patients to bring a photo of a celebrity or a filtered photo of themself to portray what they want to look like.  However, it is crucial that individuals know that not only is their anatomy different from other people, but also filters are not realistic and achieving that perception is highly unlikely.  What looks good on one individual, may not look appropriate on another. At the end of the day, our surgeons want the patients to be happy with their individual results and are here to educate and safely move forward with a procedure if that is decided.

Ask Your Surgeon Questions

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During your initial consultation, we encourage individuals to ask questions. Being informed and somewhat educated about your desired surgery beforehand can help you think of these questions that you may not have thought to ask. By asking questions, it also helps the individual to have a better understanding of their desired surgery, which can make it easier to make a decision.

Before your consultation, really think about what it is you are wanting to enhance or refine and what your top priorities are. Once you know what area(s) you would like to focus on, make sure those expectations are realistic. During a consultation, talk to your surgeon and make them aware of your concerns and expectations. With all this information, your surgeon can best guide you and can realistically meet your goals.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Before and after photos are a great tool for individuals who are looking to do a treatment or procedure. It helps individuals see the differences between people and what a realistic outcome will be.  Before and after photos help individuals see what their surgeries limitations are and also their surgeon’s aesthetic. Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Hair Restoration has a gallery of surgical, non-surgical, and hair transformation photos to show the work of our providers and help others in their decision-making process.

Choose an Experienced, Honest Surgeon

Researching your plastic surgeon is going to be of utmost importance when considering plastic surgery. One thing we never recommend is choosing a surgeon based on price alone. Low prices don’t always mean the best and if it is too good to be true, it usually is. Always look into credentials, background, experience, and reviews of the plastic surgeon  you are looking to visit. It is also important to look into the credentials of the facility you are having your procedure at.

If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Utah Facial Plastics surgeons are specialized in procedures from the neck up, making them facial plastic surgeons.  Facial plastic surgeons receive extra training on procedures of the neck and face, making them experts of this area. Many individuals don’t know this, but general plastic surgeons work on the body and face but more often the body. An experienced, honest surgeon will help you manage your expectations and keep you safe. When surgeries are done based on unrealistic expectations, they usually result in multiple surgeries, revisions, or botched procedures both costing the individual more money and putting them at risk for complications.

It is essential for patients to construct healthy goals and realistic expectations for their treatments and procedures. It is important to have all questions answered and get educated before deciding so that you are aware of what the outcomes and risks will be.

For more information about facial plastic surgery, injectable, and skin care treatments please contact Utah Facial Plastics for a consultation at our Draper or Layton, Utah offices. You can also reach us at 801-776-2220.

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