Make Your Skin Glow This Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy social time of the year, and what better time to get your skin ready and glowing. Think radiant, hydrated, smooth skin. There are some amazing products that our estheticians love and recommend to keep your skin in shape during these dryer months, along with our favorite treatments that promote a healthier canvas with no downtime. UFP Aesthetics Hydrafacial and Dermaplane facials are quick yet effective options that will have you event ready in no time. Our master aestheticians are able to tailor each facial to your individual unique skin needs whether you are dry, oily, or sensitive. Both facials are also appropriate for all skin types, making them perfect for anyone to easily come in and have done.

UFP Aesthetic’s Elevated Hydrafacial

UFP’s Elevated Hydrafacial is performed with a suction-like device that goes through a series of steps that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts dead skin and impurities and hydrates the skin. We also infuse antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides into the skin which can all be customized to each individual. Mask, scalp massage and LED light therapy are just among some of the customized experience you receive with UFP Aesthetics. It is much more extensive than most facials and is not at all too aggressive. Immediately following treatment, individuals can expect to see healthy, glowing skin.

Holiday Skin

Benefits of Hydrafacial Treatments:

• Enhanced overall skin health
• Improve fine lines and wrinkles
• Improves elasticity and firmness
• Beneficial for all skin types
• No discomfort or downtime
• Improves skin tone and texture
• Reduces oil and pore size
• Extracts impurities and dead skin cells
• Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation
• Promotes glowing skin

Hydrafacial treatments can be done at least every 4 weeks to address any skin concerns and to maintain healthy, glowing skin. This might not be attainable for some, so we also suggest reviewing your skin quarterly throughout the year and making it a priority to give your skin a good treatment.

Dermaplane Hydrojelly Facials

Our dermaplane Hydrojelly facial is another favorite of not only ours but our patients too. This facial begins with Dermaplaning, which is performed using a tiny sterile razor across cleansed skin. With very light pressure the dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz are gently removed, leaving the skin instantly smooth and more vibrant. This is a great option if you need a good exfoliating treatment and have excess hair you want removed, giving your skin a flawless space to apply products and makeup more easily.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

• Exfoliates the skin
• Removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz
• Glowing, more radiant skin
• Pain free and no downtime
• Smoother makeup application

During our dermaplane treatment we love to add on the hydrojelly mask. There are several options depending on what your skin needs. This facial quickly became a patient favorite because of the results and how customizable it can be. The hydrojelly mask is not only tailored to treat your specific skin needs, it also helps drive other products deeper that are applied before the mask.

Benefits of a Hydrojelly Mask:

• Improves the overall appearance of the skin
• Improves fine lines and wrinkles
• Nourishes and hydrates the skin
• Brightens complexion
• Reduces pigmentation
• Promotes skin healing
• Improves tone and texture

We love these facials because there is a level of instant gratification that comes with them, but you are able to go on with life and not experience downtime. If these treatments are done regularly you will begin to notice a consistent improvement such as softer, smoother, skin. Anytime treatments are done regularly, healthy skin will maintain itself. Having a good skin regimen at home will also maintain good skin daily.

Favorite Skin Products During Holiday Season

At UFP Aesthetics, our experienced estheticians are focused on treating the patient as an individual and finding the best products for your skin type. But we want to share a few versatile options that are great for just about anyone! These products land in our top favorites and we want to share them with you.

Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment

“This product is newer to skin ceuticals and has quickly become one of my favorites, I use it daily and it offers multiple benefits!” says Sydnee, Master Esthetician at UFP Aesthetics. “I use Phyto A+ Brightening for calming redness in my skin, moisturizing properties, and it even contains a dose of vitamin A which promotes skin turnover without the irritation.” Ultimately this product helps improve skin tone, does not clog pores, and is great for any skin type and age. Redness and irritation can be a problem for many during the colder months, making this product a perfect addition. Highly recommended, especially if you are more of a simple regimen person.
Phyto A Brightening

Alpharet Overnight Cream

Alpharet Overnight has become one of our top sellers and for a big reason. Retinol is a well known product in the world of skin care, and not many Vitamin A products can compete. It contains retinoic acid, the strongest form of Vitamin A but is formulated to be gentle on the skin without the irritation of regular retinol products. This has been amazing for our patients and keeps them continuing to use the product, where many people stop using due to flaking and redness. Sarah, Master Esthetician and Nurse Injector at UFP state “Alpharet is one of my most recommended products because essentially everyone should be on a good retinol and it really does speak for itself. I have so many patients that love and continue to use it nightly in their regimen.”

SkinMedica’s HA5

Dryer months mean dryer skin. Aging means, less HA in the skin. Do you know what HA is? Its hyaluronic acid. You know how babies have soft, plump skin? Well it’s packed with hyaluronic acid and as we age we lose more and more every year. A good HA product will help replenish those molecules in the skin helping it sustain hydration and plumpness. Everyone should be a on a good hyaluronic acid product. We love SkinMedica’s Ha5 because it contains 5 different forms of HA targeting the skin from all angles. It essentially keeps the skin hydrated, smoothes, softens line and improves the overall quality of texture. Katherine is the lead esthetician at UFP’s Draper location and this is one of her favorites. “HA5 is a top product I suggest to all my patients, especially living in dry Utah as we can all use hydration in the skin”. Medical grade products can be pricier, but they are worth it because they offer the best ingredients and are backed by studies that provide results. SkinMedica has a rewards program called Alle and each time you buy you can earn money back for future purchases. This is a great incentive and helps many to stay on their beloved skin care products.

Come visit us this holiday season and we can help steer you in the right direction for your skin needs. You not only get a luxury treatment and results you can brag about, you receive education and knowledge from any of our experienced providers at Utah Facial Plastics.
Start preparing your skin now by researching the best skin treatments for you. Contact Utah Facial Plastics and UFP Aesthetics at our Draper or Layton, Utah office at (801)776-2220 or easily schedule your visit online.

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