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How long does a MACSlift take to perform?

This is one of seven MACSlift (mini facelift) procedures performed at Utah Facial Plastics just last week. It’s a great procedure for lower face rejuvenation that can be done without general anesthesia. So how long does a MACSlift take to perform? An average MACSlift procedure takes approximately 3-4 hours for either Dr. Scott Thompson or… Read More »

Meet Dr. Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics

Meet Dr. Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics, top facial plastic surgeon in SLC, Utah. My name is Dr. Douglas Henstrom, born and raised in Provo, Utah. I originally got interest in medicine years ago, in fact my greatest mentor was a plastic surgeon in Utah Valley by the name of Blane Hirsche, he’s actually my… Read More »

Facial Nerve Damage Repair by Dr. Douglas Henstrom

Dr. Henstrom discusses facial nerve damage information, including causes and treatment options available. There are a lot of different causes of facial nerve damage. Approximately two in every ten thousand people are going to have some kind of facial nerve damage on an annual basis. So this is something that literally effects thousands of people… Read More »

Lip Augmentation Options at Utah Facial Plastics

Alfie Symes, Nurse Injector at Utah Facial Plastics, discusses the many lip augmentation options available with Jessie Miller on Good Things Utah. Jessie: I have a confession to make. If you didn’t already know, about a year ago I started seeing people with lip filler and thinking I wanted a little bit of a poutier… Read More »

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Great During Winter Season

Cold weather brings less humid air, overly hot baths, and stuffy indoor environments leaving you more likely to experience dryness and flakiness, especially if you are prone to dry skin conditions.  There are steps you can take to keep your skin looking great during the winter months.   Use a Humidifier. This is the number… Read More »

What Is The Recovery Time After a facelift?

It’s hard to get time off from work and life in general for just a dental appointment, let alone surgery. It’s often the most difficult part of the facelift process. Not the actual surgery or recovery, but finding the time to have it done. And many patients don’t want others to know they had surgery… Read More »

Kybella or Liposuction for a double-chin?

It’s great to have options, right? When it comes to that extra fat below the chin that you just can’t seem to get rid of with diet and exercise, we offer more than just one option here at Utah Facial Plastics. Submental liposuction Submental liposuction is the surgical option for fat removal under the chin.… Read More »

Is a non-surgical rhinoplasty permanent?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments increased dramatically in popularity last year as more and more patients are looking for subtle changes to their nose without the downtime. RealSelf.com reported a 35% increase in non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures just last year. So is a non-surgical rhinoplasty permanent? Hyaluronic Acid Filler for a non-surgical rhinoplasty The short answer is no.… Read More »

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