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Botox is a common treatment known throughout the beauty industry to help soften lines and wrinkles. In summary, Botox and Dysport are FDA approved prescription drugs that are injected to temporarily relax muscles which continuously move over time, causing formed lines and signs of aging. Botox is the most popular non-surgical treatment performed in the United States, due to it's safety, low-downtime, and uniquely effective results. And you can find exceptional Botox services with us near Ogden, UT.

UFP Aesthetics nurse injectors perform hundreds of Botox treatments each week and are highly esteemed amongst our patients. They are extremely educated, credentialed, and have been trained under the direction of our board-certified physicians.

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Botox or Dysport can be administered in a quick 20 minute visit, with no downtime to return back to your daily life activities. Common areas of treatment are horizontal forehead lines, glabella (scowl lines), crows feet, and  the nasalis (bunny lines).  There is nothing quite out there that treats forehead lines the way neuromodulators do. Are you ready to visit UFP Aesthetics in Ogden for your facial rejuvenation goals?


UFP Aesthetics Botox cost is $13 per unit. Our providers consult and discuss how many units you will need per area. We follow the recommended guidelines for safety and efficacy. Our providers are highly educated and trained to administer these treatments, lessening risks and concerns. 

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Your provider will consult and help you decide which areas are of a concern to you and what you would like to treat. Botox is injected superficially into the muscle with a small needle. These pokes are very tolerable and most patients do not need any numbing or anesthetic to get through the treatment. The injections themself are quick and your appointment from beginning to end is approximately 20 minutes. 

There will be redness and some swelling at the injection sites, but this usually resolves quickly. Botox is considered a "lunch time" treatment because it can be done in a short visit and patients can go back to their daily life activities. 

Botox takes 7-10 days on average to kick in, so it is important to plan ahead if you are wanting to be treated before an event. 

On average Botox or Dysport lasts 3-4 months. Some patients who are treating preventatively may get more time out of their Botox or feel they only need to be treated twice a year. It truly depends on the individual and how your body breaks it down. 

But because Botox only lasts 3-4 months  does not mean you have to be treated every 3-4 months? You could get treatment once a year and it will still play a part in slowing down the progression of lines. It really is up to the individual on how often you would like treatment and what you want to achieve.  The majority of our patients receive treatment 2-3 times per year. 

No! But it is important to understand what Botox or Dysport do for line correction and that they are very unique in how they do so. 

Other treatments like filler, skin resurfacing, and PDO threads are available options to soften skin texture and lines. If you are having questions it is best to consult with one of our face experts at UFP Aesthetics to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Some common areas that we treat but are not limited are: 

  • forehead lines
  • scowl lines
  • crows feet
  • nasalis lines
  • chin dimpling
  • underarm sweating
  • minor brow lift
  • gummy smile
  • lip lift

If you are more concerned with smiles lines, lip augmentation, or volume loss, dermal filler is going to be a better solution. Consult with your provider about the things you would like to address and they can make the proper recommendations for treatment. 


Whether you are considering Botox or Dysport for treatment and correction of lines, UFP Aesthetics has a variety of options for skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation. Call 801-960-3137 or schedule a consult with one of our amazing nurse injectors in our Layton location, serving Ogden, Brigham City, Logan and surrounding Northern Utah areas.

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