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What Is A Facelift?

Facial aging happens to all of us. When it starts to occur, facial aging involves 3 areas: the skin, underlying muscles and soft tissues, and the facial fat. These changes start to show our true age and often symptoms of looking older than we feel. The term facelift is broad and is not always performed the same way across the board. Utah Facial Plastic's double board-certified facial plastic surgeons perform UFP's Exclusive Deep Plane Facelift addressing the deep plane and muscular layer which comprehensively treats the cheek or midface area, the jowls or lower face, and neck area. This technique is going to provide the most natural and long lasting results leaving patients more fullfilled and happier long term.

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The Benefits of UFP's Exclusive Deep Plane Facelift

UFP's surgeons Dr. Thompson, Dr. Henstrom, and Dr. Manning's technique differs from a typical facelift technique, being more extensive and comprehensive. The traditional facelift works well for lifting jowls and tightening loose skin, but it doesn't tend to the underlying layers which is big factor in facial aging.

UFP surgeons perform 2 types of facelifts. The deep plane facelift is the procedure of choice for patients who are experiencing concerns in the mid face, lower face, and neck. Often times patients will come in with their neck being the primary concern, requesting a neck lift. The face and neck are naturally one unit and are best addressed together for the most natural results. UFP's deep plane facelift technique hides the incisions in the natural contours and folds around the ears and hairline, making them difficult to see when fully healed.

The second facelift option would be a MACSlift (mini facelift) and is great for those with minor signs of aging and are primarily concerned with jowling. This procedure is done in-office under a local anesthetic with about half the recovery time of the standard facelift.

Whether you decide to do something surgically or not, it is best to consult with one of our face and neck experts to have a thorough exam and discussion of your goals and concerns. This will help to determine the best plan and help you understand what each procedure will accomplish.



A full facelift is performed under a general anesthetic with a patient completely asleep. UFP has a state of the art accredited surgical suite in Draper where most of our surgeries are performed. We also perform some of our surgeries at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful. Incisions are made from in front of the hairline and ear, all the way on the back side of the ear and into the posterior hairline. A majority of the time we also include an incision under the chin for better access into the neck. Facial and neck tissues are elevated in a way to release them from deeper attachments and allow them to be lifted and supported in a superior direction. Permanent stitiches are then placed in the elevated deeper muscles layers of the face to lift and suspend. The strength of the lift is truly in lifting the deeper tissues and placing the tension on that tissue. Excess skin is then excised all around the incision and the incision is closed with sutures that will be removed over the intervening 7-10 days. We typically use 2 drains under the skin to help evacuate any possible excess fluid from under the tissues and help prevent a hematoma.

Utah Facial Plastic's double board-certified facial plastic surgeons are specialized in facelift, browlift, and neck lift surgery. They are able to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure or another procedure and if it is necessary. They will exam individual facial features and signs of aging, curating a plan just for you. Recommendations may include combining with other procedures for overall facial rejuvenation, ultimately the decision to move forward with a procedure is personal. Honest and optimal recommendations will be made to address facial aging and personal desires. 

There is a fair amount of discomfort in the first few days of your recovery due to the extensive tissue trauma involved with a facelift, but most patients note that it is tolerable. Bruising and swelling may more bothersome than the pain, although this will pass, preparing for the process and having patience is part of a rewarding recovery. The skin will feel tight in the face and the neck. There are also areas of numbness that can last for months. This is completely normal, and will resolve over time. Numbness is simply a result of your facial nerves adjusting to the re-draped skin.

Utah Facial Plastics has been practicing for 16 years. Our surgeons are specialized in procedures of the face and neck, performing 8 times as many facelift procedures than the average plastic surgeon nation wide. They have extensive training and experience and are highly noted amongst their peers. With locations in Layton and Draper, UT we have been serving patients all along the Intermountain West region and surrounding areas. 

Our surgeons and staff have a great reputation, with UFP having over 2500 5-star reviews.  Learn more about our facial plasti surgeons and their credentials along with our accredited surgical suite. We are transformation you can trust. 

Utah Facial Plastics performs general anesthesia procedures in our on-site accredited surgical suite in Draper, Utah or in local hospitals such as Lakeview Hospital and Lonepeak hospital. Following your consultation, a surgical coordinator will get you additional information such as cost, preparing for surgery and recovery, as well as scheduling information. 


Are you ready to explore some type of facial rejuvenation treatment or procedure in Logan? Utah Facial Plastics  and UFP Aesthetics expert providers offer surgical and non-surgical solutions to address your beauty and self-care needs. Call 801.776.2220 or contact us with your questions and consultation scheduling. With two locations in Layton and Draper, UT we are happy to serve patients near Brigham City, Logan, North Logan and surrounding areas.

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