Hair Transplant Surgery to Lower The Hairline

September 24, 2017

At Utah Facial Plastics, we see a considerable amount of women self conscious about the length of their forehead. Because of the longer than average length between the brow and hairline, many women cut bangs to hide the size of their forehead or pattern their hair in some way to make the forehead appear smaller. We often see women when they decide they’d like to be able to pull their hair back completely and not feel self-conscious about the length of their forehead and are ready to do something about it. Luckily, there are two options for patients to consider. The first one is a forehead reduction to bring the hairline down. The second is hair transplant surgery to lower the hairline. Dr. Thompson sometimes recommends a combination of both depending on the situation.

For hair transplant surgery to lower the hairline, we first have you come in to determine how many grafts are need to bring the hairline to a lower, yet natural, point on the forehead. Some patients just want to have the temporal areas on each side filled in while others may want to bring the hairline down completely. Cost is determined by the number of grafts recommended by Dr. Thompson  to achieve a patients desired appearance.

There are two ways to obtain the grafts to transplant and bring the hairline down with. The first is removing a small strip of hair from the back of the head (FUT) and cleaning up the follicles to prepare for placement. The second is with NeoGraft (FUE), where an area is shaved in the back of the head and each follicle is suctioned one at a time before transplanting.

For women, Dr. Thompson typically recommends the strip-method (FUT) hair transplant surgery to lower the hairline. This is because with FUE, you have to shave a good size area of the back of the head and for women, it’s typically easier to just excise a small part of scalp, close it up and immediately the patient is able to cover it up with their hair. With NeoGraft or FUE, a larger area has to be shaved to obtain the grafts leaving the patient having to wait a long time for that hair to grow back out to the same length of the rest of the hair. Both option work well to provide the desired result but FUT is often easier post surgery for cosmetic purposes. FUT is also less expensive as the expenses for the technology with NeoGraft are not included.

Dr. Thompson then makes the recipient sites and places the grafts with a technician ensuring they are placed in a completely natural pattern. Those recipient sites then turn to pin point scabs that fall off within 7-10 days. The hair typically falls out with them but the follicle is still in place. The hair starts to grow around 4-5 months with full results expected around the one year mark.

For more information on hair transplant surgery to lower the hairline, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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